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Friday, 28 October 2016

New Releases, Free & Bargain Books Link-Up (Week 43)

How are you all this week?  We're surviving half term and it's a quiet one for us as the Husband is 'doing DIY'.  This means copious visits to Wickes and ScrewFix for things I really don't recognise and lots of demands for coffee.

We've not put the Halloween decorations up yet and I'm steeling myself for attacking the two large pumpkins we've bought to lit the way for the Trick Or Treaters.  My Halloween competitions are closed now but there's plenty still be to won on my competitions page including that Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Hamper worth £50.

I hope you caught my recent review of "The Fabulous @50 Re-experience" by Dianna Lee Bowes.  It's a great primer for those of us in our 50's wondering how to make the most of our later years.  There are 4 signed copies to win in Dianna's giveaway too which ends on Sunday and this giveaway is open internationally.

And don't forget my new problem page here.

Happy bargain and freebie book hunting on this link.

Have a great week!

Sharing the Love of Books
Enjoy our selection of New Releases / Free & Bargain Books this week

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Click here for this weeks awesome selection!

Preparing Your Kids For The Winter Weather Is Easier Than Ever

As soon as it comes to this time of year, it always becomes a little more worrying being a parent. Having kids is stressful at any time of year, but winter can be particularly scary. There are many reasons that parents might start to feel a little concerned in winter. One of the most obvious ones is the weather. With the days getting shorter, this is definitely something that any parent needs to think about carefully. The truth is, as a parent you need to ensure that you are doing everything to keep your children safe and warm in the winter. There is often more to this than you might imagine, so it helps to run through it all. Let’s do that now, and see if we can help to prepare your kids for the colder months.

Pic Source

Buddy Systems

Just because it is getting colder doesn’t mean that your children will be less inclined to play outside. Much of the time, it will be even more tempting, especially if snow is a possibility. When allowing your children to play outside or with other children, be sure to have some kind of buddy system in place. Using this kind of system, you can ensure that there is always someone who has their eye on your child. The last thing you want is to not be able to let them outside to play, so this is your best option most of the time. The best buddy systems also have a secret password. That way, you can be sure of your child’s safety at all times, no matter what. If your children are under eight, you should make sure that they are always supervised, regardless.

The Right Clothing

It goes without saying that clothing is always going to be a major concern when it gets to winter. Of course, one of your main tasks here is to ensure that nobody gets a chill. Keeping your kids warm can be surprisingly difficult, however. Most of all, it is about ensuring that there is plenty to layer with. Layering is the best way to make sure that your children stay warm. Of course, you should also invest in at least one good quality, thick coat for the dead of winter. But it is not just about when they are outside. You also need to ensure they are kept warm inside, particularly at night. Finding the right kids pyjamas is going to be an important part of that. Add to that slippers and possibly a hat, and they should be set. The general test for whether your child is sufficiently warm is that their hands and feet are warm. If they are, then what they are wearing is probably absolutely fine. Anything less, and you need to add another layer or two. Clothing is really important, as it can be easy for young children to get quite ill from the cold quite fast.

Pic source

Safety Kit For The Car

Just because it’s the winter months doesn’t mean you need to stop going out and having fun with your family. A great way to pass the time over a weekend or longer is to go on a road trip with the family. Of course, if you do that, you need to ensure that you properly protect the whole family. It helps in these situations to keep a safety kit in the car, for use if the worst happens. In this kit, you should have anything you might need if you break down in the snow or ice. A shovel is going to be one of your main items of importance here, for obvious reasons. It is also beneficial to have sand in the car, as this can help if the car gets stuck anywhere. Tyre chains can be a useful addition, as they can stop the car from skidding around uncontrollably. And no safety kit would be complete without an ice scraper and a flashlight. As long as you have these essentials in your car, it shouldn’t matter too much what happens. Also be sure to have extra layers for warmth. In the worst case scenario, you will at least be warm enough, and so will your children.

Pic source


Finally, a note on sunscreen. This might seem a little odd, and yet that is the very reason that it needs to be mentioned. People often entirely forget about sunscreen at this time of year. However, the fact is that the sun reflects off the snow and can actually be incredibly damaging, particularly for young skin. Make sure your children are wearing sunscreen if they play in the snow for a long time.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

My Problem Page - What Was I Asked This Week? (Week 43)

This week I'm talking about dating by text (again!), whether a man should stay 'buff' to keep a relationship and what to do when your annoying mate phones you at 2 am.

If you would like any advice, feel free to message me or pop a comment in the comment box at the end of this post. I promise to be gentle.

Here's this week's questions.

Q: Do I break off our relationship? 

From day 1 she made it clear she'd only stay around if I get buff. I am 6′4 and 170 and we have been going out for 1 year. She loves all my personal traits,but her number 1 condition is me being more macho. I want to be loved for who I am first and then work on my muscles. Her sine qua non is my buffness.

A: If there’s something you do need to develop, it’s not a six pack - it’s a backbone.
I’m guessing quite a few women will be rather amused at your ‘dilemma’ because many women are treated like this all the time - and it’s not pleasant.
My question to you is why do you want to be with a woman for whom your only value is as a living embodiment of Barbie’s boyfriend Ken?
You say you want to be loved for who you are first. I’d suggest you need to love you a little more too. Ask yourself, why am I putting up with this?
Is your girlfriend a stunner? Are you with her because you too value appearance over personality?
If so, it’s hardly surprising you’ve attracted someone who mirrors that kind of shallow attitude.
Don’t put up with being treated like an object. Tell her you’ll keep your body the way that makes you happy and if she doesn’t like it there are gyms all around the country for her to find her next trophy.

Q: My girlfriend is very insecure (she looked through my whole phone when I left it at her house) and expects me to be completely open to her about everything in my life. But when it comes to her phone, she's secretive about the people she texts. What should be my next move?

A: Well firstly you need to tell her that openness is a two way street and, whether she is insecure or not, if you are expected to report back on every contact then she should also be more forthcoming with who she is texting. 

I wonder if you have done anything to increase her insecurity - if that is really what it is. Lots of people experience a twinge of jealousy in a romantic relationship. That’s quite normal. 

Has she ever done anything apart from go through your phone - was that a one-off? Does she check up on you, phone you at work, follow you, check your receipts? These are behaviours which indicate an unhealthy jealousy. 

I wonder also if you object to feeling ‘tied down’. It is reasonable of her to want to know what you are doing within reason. If you are resentful at having to tell her then I’d suggest you might want to think about whether this is the right relationship for you. 

Q: If I like daily texts/communication from men and the new guy I'm dating is silent for 1-2 days after a date, is it time to find a new man? 

A: If frequent and probably meaningless texting is what defines a relationship for you then, yes, this one is probably not a keeper. 

Personally, having to check in every day would drive me nuts but everyone’s different. 

Perhaps he’s busy or has other stuff going on in his life. Perhaps his focus is not on relationships right now and he just wants to have fun. 

1–2 days is hardly vanishing off the planet. After a week, possibly but perhaps he doesn’t want to seem too keen. 

I do think you need to relax a bit and give him a chance. Otherwise you risk jeopardising what could be a great relationship because he won’t play the game your way. 

Why not try to find a man you can really trust so that you don’t feel so insecure if you don’t get that daily text? 

Texting proves nothing you know. It’s actions that count.

Q: Why didn't my first date in Manhattan help me get a cab after dinner when he tried to kiss me and I politely declined? 

I told him I never kiss on a first date. The date was less than two hours so I barely know him. He texted right after when I found my own cab to say he had fun and to let him know when I got home.

A: I’m not sure what the problem is here. 

The guy texted you to say he had fun and to ask you to let him know you got home safely. Perhaps he assumed you weren’t that interested when you declined to kiss him. 

And, as you say, it was less than 2 hours so he doesn’t really know you either. 

It sounds like you are trying to find a reason not to see him again - or your expectations for a first date might be a little too high. 

Chivalry is a rare thing these days and at least you got a follow up call. 

Q: My friend called me at 2 am to annoy me. How can I get back at him? 

A: Well assuming you are both older than 12, why don’t you just switch your phone off at night, block his number, change your number or change your friend. It’s not really difficult is it? 

But if you start retaliating, he will just do something else to annoy you. 

You don’t say why he does it - is he just being an idiot or have you done something to really annoy him? 

If you value the friendship, I think you need to sort this out - or find a new friend.

Q: How long should a "break" be in a relationship where she asks for a break but doesn't want a break up?
A: To be honest if someone asked me for a ‘break’, I’d assume the relationship was over.

Otherwise, giving someone “time-off” to go and sleep with other people makes a mockery of your relationship.

You don’t say why she wants a break - that is more important than deciding how long the break should be.

What ‘conditions’ will this break have? Will she be dating others and sleeping with them?

I would tell her that if she wants a break that’s fine but don’t expect to find you waiting for her when the novelty wears off.

And go and have fun yourself.

How would you have responded to these questions? I'd love to know. You can find more advice on my problem page.
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