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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Chaotic? Resort to an E-Course Of Course

When I used to work (of course the life of a stay at home mother involves little else than eating peeled grapes and flicking through OK! magazine, does it), one of the skills I prided myself on was the creation of administrative order from chaos. I think I even included that cringe-inducing statement on my CV at one point. 

My Organized Chaos - e-course

So it is with a certain amount of shame that I now confess to a house which resembles the haunt of a mad librarian.  We are over-run with stuff.  Worse, we are over-run with piles.  (Stop tittering at the back). Each pile is a mini monument to my indecisiveness.

My 'Office'

All important bits of paper end up here - in the graveyard of effectiveness to be generally shuffled about and then lost.   I should point out that these piles contain hubby's stuff too, but he claims never to have seen any of it.

Each room seems to contain a mountain of poorly organised shelving, crammed to the rafters with bits 'n' bobs I can't bring myself to throw out.  We've got hoards of books we've meant to read to the kids, tonnes of arts and craft material (not in one place of course) and broken toys needing glue or new batteries.

IKEA Shelving - This Is Not What They Envisioned
Now I am well aware that this disorganisation has serious cost implications - not only financial but, more importantly in that keeping it what I jokingly call "base-line tidy" means I'm not give all the time I could be to my kids.  Worse, it's actually stressful to look at and makes me feel slightly out of control.

But help is at hand.

American Mom, Jo Ebisujima at My Organized Chaos has written a 6 part e-course for those of us whose multi-tasking has gone into overdrive with maximum stress and minimum effectiveness. Says Jo, "I know what it's like - that constant struggle to keep on top of everything, being the cook, the cleaner, the wife, the mother, the teacher and any other role which gets thrown your way. "

At the end of her course, Jo promises that you will 

  • have a more organized home
  • have dedicated areas for your children to read, study and play
  • have easier, stress free mornings and dinner times
  • be able to tackle  the daily struggles of parenthood
  • have more independent and more helpful children
  • have the quality time you dream of with your family
  • have more time to do ‘the fun stuff’
  • have a more stress free, easy-going lifestyle
  • enjoy spending time with your children
The 6 week e-course costs $249 and includes support from Jo and weekly modules to keep you on track with PDF files and worksheets.  There are printable planners and even some surprise bonuses. And, once you sign up, membership is for life.  Jo's course is available worldwide.  All you need is internet access.

Jo is currently running a fabulous competition which asks us bloggers to tell her why we need her help in order to win a 'place' on her e-course. Details are available on her website. I'm hoping the sight of the Hobbis family 'grunge' will convince her.  Trust me, this is the tip of the iceberg. And I know that rather than faffing about with newspaper clippings, old school circulars and junk mail, I should be spending more time letting my children do this.

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