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Friday, 28 June 2013

Baker Days Cakes - The Birthday Card You Can Eat

The lovely people at Baker Days, artisan bakers and creators of a clever range of personalised, quality celebration cakes sent me a fabulous treat to review for you - one of their letterbox cakes.

Baker Days produce round cakes which come in 4 sizes, from the 3-4 portion letterbox cake up to the large 55 portion party cake. Simple to order, prices start from £14.99 and if you order before 2 pm your cake can be delivered the next day virtually anywhere in the UK. (Cakes ordered over the weekend will be delivered on Tuesday). Choose your size, flavour and add your special message from the wide range of designs. Best of all, cakes can be personalised using photographs supplied by you.

The letterbox cake which we tried, comes neatly packaged in an airtight tin, together with a gift tag, candles, balloons and even a party blower. It is a 5 inch cake, big enough for 3-4 modest portions (although I could happily have eaten the lot myself), and the cake we were sent was a carrot cake covered in delicious fondant icing. I have to say that it was the lightest carrot cake I have ever tried.

The Bakers Days cake in its packaging and delivery tin

The cake as it arrived, perfectly packaged and protected.

Baker Days pride themselves on hand-making their cakes with natural ingredients and no preservatives. For example their buttercream is made with real butter and you can really taste the difference.

As it was Ieuan's fourth birthday, we took the opportunity to have the cake personalised for him (and created by friendly aliens) and he loved it. Hubby and I, sister Caitlin (5) and the birthday boy made short work of it!
Ieuan's mini birthday cake
Ieuan's photo - perfectly captured on his birthday cake
I would certainly recommend a Baker Days Letterbox cake as a fresh alternative to a birthday card or flowers. The cake arrived freshly baked and in perfect condition.They are also an ideal standby for those of us who are, ahem, less organised than we occasionally should be and need to send a thoughtful gift to a close friend or relative. You could even send a letterbox cake as a "thank you teacher" gift, instead of a box of chocs or a mug!

Ieuan enjoying his Baker Days birthday cake
A perfectly sized cake for Ieuan
Further information from www.bakerdays.com. Have a look at their website to see how easy it is to create a unique cake to your preferred design.

*sample received for the purpose of this post.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sports Day - The Final Frontier For Mums

School sports day. One of those occasions where I wish I hadn't spent most of my PE lessons hiding in the toilet pretending to be the poster girl for Alldays. (The Bodyform woman always sang far too loudly and probably had chronic laryngitis).

Ieuan in sports kit with obligatory party hat and balloon
I did use to make an effort at hockey and loved to play Left Back, but largely because the LB on the vest matched my then initials. I still can't do a forward roll (forget backwards, consider Swiss). So I am determined that Caitlin and Ieuan will have at least a modicum of sporting prowess. They both ran a normal race (see I don't even know the term) and an obstacle race against the polite applause and cheering of the crowd of parents. 

The sound of this was drowned out by the woman bellowing at the front like a wounded buffalo - "mooooove it, moooove it". I don't know what came over me. In the same way, I cannot explain why I routinely cry at every school play and concert.

Still, I know it's not just me. I think many mums returned home beaming with pride and updated their Facebook statuses to the effect that their offspring ran like Mo Farah or Jessica Ennis. Hmm. No pressure then. 

I tell my two winning is good but it's all about trying your hardest and taking part. Just in case sporting prowess is inherited from their parents' genes!
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