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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to Life, Back to Reality....

My little ice-cream eating princess and Barbie fan Caitlin is back to school today, having started Year One.

I managed not to sob at the school gate as she trotted in all grown up and apprehensive. Her brother has not stopped asking when he's starting Reception (Thursday) and is asking this on repeat approximately every 5 minutes.

Caitlin enjoying her ice cream

I'm in that "where did the last six weeks go?" mood when I know we must have done something but I can't remember what - other than the raft of usual favourites (pizza, beaches, fair rides, you get the drift). I am feeling a little 'mummy guilt' that we did not up sticks and go to Bluestone / Centreparcs, Disney World, anywhere in Spain but the cost of a UK holiday, let alone a foreign one, is becoming almost prohibitive.

It is difficult sometimes to avoid the inevitable school gate competition for the most exotic holiday (ooh look, there we all are in Dubai, Malaysia, kayaking up the Congo) but I tell myself that our time will come - not least when I finally get around to updating my passport to my married name (how much!!!!)

In the meantime, Ieuan and I are reliving Buzz Lightyear's film highlights and I'm trying to introduce him to a foodstuff other than peanut butter. If only his food motto was "To infinity and beyond"!
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