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Saturday, 23 November 2013

I've Been A Bit Distracted By ...Chanel No 5 - 23/11/2013

Acres of words have probably been written by now about the only thing Marilyn Monroe allegedly wore in bed. This is a perfume which, love it or hate it, signifies a woman rather than a girl. Keira may swan about on a moped but the Chanel No 5 woman has a chauffeur. 

Less prosaically, the perfume is described as 'floral-aldehydic - a bouquet of abstract flowers with an indefinable feminitity". It does have a strangely sweet top note which I took a while to get used to. And The Husband does drive us to Tesco occasionally.  Spoiled, moi?

For those lost in blokedom come 4:45 pm on Christmas Eve, just head to the Chanel counter. You won't go far wrong.  Better that than another black/red lingerie item that even David Blaine would take a week to get out of.
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