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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

20 Weird Things I Do At Christmas - Is It Just Me?

Around this time of year, I find my stress levels rising and I tend to become, well, shall we say less centered and calm than usual.

I know everyone has one or two weird habits and quirks but mine all seem to come to the fore with a vengeance.

Uh oh, Mummy's Gone Funny Again
How many of these do you identify with (please try hard so I feel at least vaguely normal).
  1. Buying the Christmas Radio Times and marking with pen the programmes I intend to watch - (despite already having at least 3 Xmas TV guides) - and then not watching any of them.
  2. Recording whole swathes of films - which I then don't watch.
  3. Having a yearning for dried figs and Di Saronno.
  4. Becoming extremely tetchy if I have to wrap presents which are not completely symmetrical.
  5. Finding the writing and posting of a dozen Christmas cards very hard work.
  6. Going completely blank when asked what I would like for Christmas, despite having a list as long as your arm the rest of the year.
  7. Eating a mince pie a day.  From 1st December.
  8. Reading diet books whilst eating said mince pies, figs and Di Saronno.
  9. Wondering what happened to Meltis Mulberry Fruits
  10. Watching all the Christmas Day soap episodes, even though Emmerdale is the only one I watch all year.
  11. Compiling a New Year's Resolution list which even the Dalai Lama would find challenging
  12. Never EVER having the right shoes to go with my evening dress
  13. Ditto coat
  14. Sanctioning the eating of chocolate (from Advent Calendars) before 9 am which must surely by now be against some EU convention or other.
  15. Vowing to wear decent, matching underwear and then finding it too cold to take my thermals off - a situation which usually lasts till the end of the following May.
  16. Listening to "Now That's What I Called Christmas" on repeat so that I feel like I'm trapped in a lift in Debenahams
  17. Coming over very peculiar in the Debenhams Beauty Hall and finding the lure of the MAC / Benefit / Estee counters stronger than Luke Skywalker's lightsabre.
  18. Despite this, being unable to actually BUY anything due to 'seasonal guilt' and the irrational belief that, come 1st January, prices will plummet by at least 40%
  19. Finding I can still sing the descant part of numerous Christmas carols and embarrassing the hell out of the family in church.
  20. Never being able to find my gloves.  Until the snow has gone.

Any Christmas weirdnesses you'd like to share?
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