Review: ClaireaBella Jute Bags – Handmade With Love

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, I’m sure you will have seen these lovely personalised jute bags made by ClaireaBella. 

These are loved by celebs and have been featured on ITV’s This Morning. 

I managed to get one from their stockist Toxic Fox at a marvellous £20 discount, but there are frequent offers to look out for.

Claireabella Jute Bag
My Claireabella Jute Bag

How are the bags personalised? Simply go to the Toxic Fox website, click on ClaireaBella and then select the most appropriate dress design, hair style, hair colour, eye colour, skin tone and name (up to 12 characters) for you, then sit back and wait for your unique bag to arrive. 

You can design your own ‘aBella’ character in about a minute and it is really easy to do. 

My only quibble is that a few extra variations of hair colour would be good.

Claireabella Jute Bag - detail
Claireabella Jute Bag – Detail

In terms of quality, the bags are very well made and the jute is of a sturdy quality. 

Mine is a large bag which measures 40 cm wide x 33 cm high with a 17.5 cm gusset. 

The handles are nicely rounded so that the bag is comfortable to carry.

Hand Made With Love silver charm
The Hand Made With Love silver charm

The bag also features Swarovski elements, a cute rosette bow, a ‘hand made with love’ silver charm, 2 painted hearts and some sparkle and glitter.  

Because there are so many ClaireaBella impersonators out there, each bag also says “yes it’s a ClaireaBella” on the reverse.

Claireabella proof of authenticity
Proof of authenticity!

Large Jute Bags can take up to 15 Working Days to produce as they are hand-made with love. 

Because each bag is hand painted by a fully trained ClaireaBella artist there may be some slight colour variations, but this makes every bag unique.

Claireabella - my name
It’s all mine!

The large jute bag is currently priced between £39.99 to £44.99 but Toxic Fox are offering a £5 discount at the moment and, for orders over £40, delivery is free. 

The medium jute bag measures 30cm wide by 27cm high with a 17cm gusset and is priced at £34.99 with the smaller Polo Fashion bag measures 21cm wide by 15cm high with a 10cm gusset and is priced at £24.99. 

There is a range of other types of bags too, including canvas, satchel and occasion. 

Better still, there is a whole range of merchandise bearing the ClaireaBella name, from suitcases to wine glasses, mobile phone cases, stationery and cushions.

If you want to treat yourself, or find a unique gift, I recommend that you visit ClaireaBella at Toxic Fox. ClaireaBella can also be contacted at @ClaireaBellaLtd on Twitter or on Facebook at

And, you might want to draw your loved one’s attention to the fact that there are only 20 or so left of ClaireaBella’s 2015 Limited Edition Valentines Jute Bag featuring two gorgeous feathered angel wings.

*This is an independent review based on my own ClaireaBella purchase.


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