Colours of Wales – Caitlin’s Poem For St. David’s Day 2015

Colours of Wales – A Poem

Caitlin Hobbis, aged 7, 

crowned Bard of Dinas Powys Primary School (Infants) 


Caitlin, proudly holding her dragon trophy

The daffodils sway in the breeze.

They grow in a beautiful dainty meadow.

The petals shimmer like the shiny sun.

Dragon breath burns out orange and white sparks.

Dragons live on a fluffy, snowy mountain.

The dragons drive through the sky with their red scaly wings

The crowd cheer as Wales play.

Rugby players sing the National Anthem.

On a beautiful mountain like fluffy clouds

live bouncy, fluffy sheep.

Welsh cakes sizzle in the kitchen.

These are the colours of Wales.  


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