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14 December, 2019

How Much is Too Much Holiday Fun? How To Minimise Festive Stress

When you envision your holiday to-do list, what’s your immediate reaction? Is it excitement? Or is it more like dread, fear, and stressed-out feelings? Sure, we all want to be social and do fun things over the holiday season. But the truth is that too much is happening in too many places, and we couldn’t possibly do it all. Not to mention, the standards that…

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9 December, 2019

How To Survive Christmas With The Menopause

When you’re in the throes of the menopause, dealing with some of the more unpleasant symptoms is stressful enough but even more difficult at Christmas when we are expected to attend parties, functions and socialise far more than normal. Tricky enough already if you are an introvert! So how do you survive Christmas if you’re menopausal? In this post you’ll find helpful tips from Dr Rosy…

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5 December, 2019

The Introvert’s Christmas Survival Guide

The holiday season bustles with activity. Gift-shopping, decorating, to-do lists, cooking, baking, hosting and attending social events make this is the most active time of year for many. If you’re an introvert who craves peace and quiet and tends to be emotionally sensitive, you may find all of this overwhelming. Below, find a list of holiday headaches that stress out introverts, and some tips on…

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4 December, 2019

Why does my kid always go left when I ask them to go right?!

If you have tweens or teens, as I do, you’re sure to find this guest post from Clinical Hypnotherapist, Master NLP Practitioner and author Caroline Cavanagh interesting.  I must admit, there are times when I am convinced that my two take great delight in doing the exact opposite of anything they are asked to do.  And, as Caroline explains, I’m not alone. Why does my…

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3 December, 2019

Win “PR School Your Time To Shine” Book By Natalie Trice

Back in my marketing days, PR (Public Relations) was often viewed as a bit of a dark art.  It was all about connecting with the right people for the right reason at the right time – and that often involved a sizeable budget and a PR agency worth its salt. As any experienced freelancer or blogger knows, you have to promote your business while working…

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2 December, 2019

Win A Swedish Winter-Tested Christmas Grooming Collection From RAW Naturals

Mother Distracted has partnered with RAW Naturals, the new skincare, body care and beard care range arriving in the UK from Sweden, to give away a RAW Naturals Grooming Collection for Christmas. The RAW Naturals grooming range, which is now available exclusively in Superdrug, is manufactured in Sweden in the RAW Naturals brewing facilities in Falun and the philosophy is simple: logical skincare and no…

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Sat Nav Safe When Driving? Test YOUR Reaction Time & See

This post is in collaboration with Kwikfit. We all know how dangerous it is to use our mobile while driving.  We have, by now, surely all seen those horrible Facebook videos showing precisely what happens when attention is diverted from the road.  The consequences are frequently life-changing injuries or death – and often to innocent parties. The blocking of notifications on your iPhone is all…

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1 December, 2019

Gift Different With TK Maxx This Christmas

What kind of Christmas shopper are you? Are you an avid Christmas planner who buys their gifts throughout the year? Or are you a last-minute mad dash kind of shopper? Whichever camp you fall into, at this most expensive time of year we all want the best value for money gifts we can find to keep the whole family happy. Let’s be honest, buying the…

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25 November, 2019

Top 5 Budget Christmas Gifts

It’s only too easy to feel pressurised into buying Christmas gifts.  Nobody wants to be seen as a meanie.  But what do you do when you are short of cash?  Christmas is such an expensive time that many of us have to prioritise nearest and dearest and cut back on gifts to all and sundry. This can be a stressful time because you’re trying to…

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