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21 November, 2019

Married Christmas: Coping with Spousal Stress This Holiday Season

Remember when you first got married? You had this vision of the perfect Christmas. Beautiful holiday table, smiling faces… two hearts aglow, two families joining in harmony. Turns out married life isn’t always like that, is it? If your own family brought you troubles in the past, now you’ve got two of them to contend with. How to keep the peace, and your sanity in…

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19 November, 2019

Christmas Toy Ideas For Girls Aged 7 to 10

Searching for the perfect gift for a 7 to 10-year-old girl? These days, there are literally hundreds of different gifts to choose from. No matter what she’s into and how much you have to spend, there’s sure to be a huge range of gifts to match it. Investing in toys which get your child away from a screen is also going to benefit their health.…

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17 November, 2019

Top Tips For Avoiding Colds & Flu From Dr Dawn Harper

It’s that time of year again where I find myself on red alert for the signs of an impending cold in the Hobbis household.  This involves much brandishing of tissues and shouting “wash your hands with hot water”. The medication cupboard (yes we have a whole cupboard) is restocked with Vicks Vapour Rub and Olbas Oil and I threaten everybody with my chicken soup (with a…

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16 November, 2019

Take the Stress Out of Christmas Shopping & A Giveaway

Do you love Christmas but dread that stressful feeling that creeps up when it’s time to buy gifts? Presents are a tricky thing indeed. You may have conflicting thoughts running through your mind at this busy time of year. Things like, “So-and-so never likes anything I buy… what should I do?” “The kids keep changing their minds about what to put on their lists!” “What…

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15 November, 2019

Ways To Stay Active In Later Life

I was recently commissioned by Bathing Solutions to give my thoughts on how to stay active over 55, particularly for those who may have mobility issues or be a little less agile than they used to be. Lots of us view exercise as a chore – something we ‘have’ to do.  It’s a better idea if you can make that mental shift, to consider it…

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14 November, 2019

Why Wooden Flooring Is A Smart Choice When You Have Kids

If you have kids, you’ll know how much time they spend on the floor! From new-borns crawling around to ten-year-olds playing on the floor, you should expect them to be on it for a long time yet! This means it’s really important you make the right choice when it comes to flooring – but what exactly is the best option? Wood flooring has so many…

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13 November, 2019

5 Key Ways to Help with Your Exam Preparation

It’s that time of year again and, if you’re anything like I was, you spend more time creating intricate revision timetables than actually knuckling down to the work.  Why is this?  I think fear of failure is the number one cause behind our reluctance to study but read on, because the following tips will help you to prepare for your exams without panic! Learn from…

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12 November, 2019

Motorists: When Do Number Plates Change?

Since 1903, when number plates became a legal requirement on vehicles, there have been several systems in place in-order to differentiate one vehicle from another. From the original system to now, authorities have had to ensure that no two number plates are the same so that each car has a unique identity and can be identified if involved in an incident or theft. Up until…

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10 November, 2019

4 Ways To Balance Afterschool Activities And Homework

Today’s schoolchildren are faced with a competitive educational environment – they are expected to excel in academics and participate in extracurricular activities in order to be successful, particularly in secondary school. Too often, kids can find expectations such as these overwhelming – as can their parents and carers –  with the result that everyone gets stressed.  The irony of this is that is increases the…

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