My First Post – why Mother Distracted?

Because I’m 48 and had my children at 43 and 45 respectively.


Linda Hobbis - mother distracted - stay at home mom -
Linda Hobbis – A Mother Distracted!

Because I worked for 20 years in Marketing & PR, 13 of which were in Legal Services Marketing.

Because I met a man and got distracted.

Now I’m a stay at home mum and am still distracted.

By the experience of motherhood and the joys of having children.

By the challenges of transitioning from career girl to stay at home mum.

By the vast number of products and services aimed at mums, dads, carers and their families.

Some get it right. Some fail dismally.

This is my take on motherhood (belated), reviews (both products and particularly services aimed at families) and life in general.

Bear with me.  Blogging, like life, is a learning experience.

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