Pack Your Bags – This Mobile Pharmacy Is On The Move

Hubby and I are escaping for a couple of days and I am packing for the weekend. We are off to Oxford – a city I love for its beautiful spires, its unashamed love of academia and its connection with Morse.

I went to a book signing in Cardiff for the last Morse novel  “The Remorseful Day“. Colin Dexter was amazingly charming and erudite. During one hitch in the proceedings due to some admin cock-up somewhere, he passed the time by regaling the audience with poetry, all from memory. We were all spellbound.

packing for the weekend - city tourists, man and woman

Now packing for the weekend should be easy. Hubby, who travels extensively, has it down to a fine art. One shirt, one pair of pants, spare contact lenses, toothbrush and paste, deodorant. That’s it. I cannot go anywhere without resembling a walking advert for the pharmaceutical industry.  My list of girl’s essentials gets longer each year.

I remember an episode of Sex & The City where Carrie says she will spend the day “working on her look”. This is patently what I need to do, having been apparently welded into my leggings but instead, I am flicking through Web MD to see what I might need in case of an outbreak of Beri Beri in the Cotswolds or Malaria in Dorset.

My overnight bag, which should contain a frothy nightie, minuscule thong, pair of heels and the red lippie du jour (which I shouldn’t really wear because most of them now bleed into my lip lines and make me look washed out and vampiric), weighs a ton and contains a cornucopia of paracetamol, ibuprofen, Gaviscon, earplugs, travel sickness pills and I even have some broad-spectrum antibiotics. This is not if you’ll pardon the pun, healthy.

Actually, I hate packing. You never know what the weather is going to do and I cannot leave the house without a cardigan. I’ve never managed the Sex & The City look where everything is pared down to one of Patricia Field’s barmy yet endearing visions completed by a tiny clutch bag. I should probably try it but then I’d have to add plasters and antiseptic cream to the bag.

Such is my phobia of packing that I always leave it to the last minute and will be throwing phone chargers, computerized chess games and anything else I don’t need into the bag at the last minute whilst hubby is checking the windows.

And you can bet that when I start to unpack on arrival, I’ll have forgotten something important. Like toothpaste. It’s easier for men though, isn’t it?


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