Is it wrong to take a primary school child out of school to attend a WEDDING?

A while ago, Daily Mail journalist Jan Moir opined that taking a child out of school to attend your wedding day is wrong. Hmm. Leaving aside the issue that in time gone by having a child out of wedlock would have made you a social disgrace (in which case I’d be the talk of the Village), I find it hard to understand why some female journalists are so ‘anti-women’ and, particularly in the case of the Daily Mail’s Liz Jones, so anti-family.

I also can’t understand the draconian insistence that children must attend a full term of school in their nursery or reception years when they cannot even read or write (and in some cases are still wearing nappies)!

Of course I can see that attending school on a regular basis teaches valuable life skills which will stand kids in good stead when they enter the employment market but can we please use some common-sense? What if you happen to die in term time? Will your bereaved partner have to request permission to take the kids to the funeral?

The headmistress of our local Infants School is wise enough to understand that sometimes circumstances like this do arise and a few days absence per term are overlooked. A few days, mind, or the local authority fines start accruing.

The children also have a teddy bear they are allowed to take with them and photograph so that pictures can be included in his holiday album.

Whilst holiday companies continue to fleece parents mercilessly during school holidays, I’m sorry to say that absences are only to be expected.

A recent trawl of cottage letting websites revealed that some companies were adding as much as an extra £100 per week during school holidays. Basic economics or basic greed? You can fleece me once, but I won’t be coming back! The same principle of not removing kids from school during term time doesn’t seem to apply, I note, for school trips abroad!

It would be interesting to see what would happen to a holiday company that did not inflate its prices during school holidays. Would it sink without a trace or would it attract loads of loyal family customers?

Either way, it’s time for a radical rethink about this issue or there’ll be more staycations than vacations – and that, ironically, given the cost of living in the UK, could be even more expensive for families.

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David bone

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Great post. I'm not a mum myself but I am fully aware of things costing more when all the kid's are on their holidays. I actually planned my wedding and honeymoon so they were just outside of the summer holidays and it was so much cheaper. A 5 night break to newquay in a holiday apartment self catering was less than £120 !! If i'd booked for the week before it would have been £350. I don't think taking a child out of school here or there will do any harm – they can learn the art of juggling commitment… Read more »
Laura Huggins

I think as long as a child's attendance is ok and s/he is not falling behind then it should be ok for a child to go on holiday or any other event during term time!

I also think that companies shouldn't be allowed to bump up the prices of holidays during school holidays… it's just greedy!

Laura x x x

Esther James

I recently took my daughter out of school during term time as we were offered a free holiday at Bluestone. It really was too good a chance to refuse and my friend who is a teacher said that a 5 year old would get just as much out of a few days in Bluestone as they would in school!

the house that never rests

I had to fill out a form last summer to ask if my kid's could be excused from school to attend my Nan's funeral. Luckily the school said it was OK but i was warned proof may be needed.