Pre-emptive Parking For A Ballet Debut

You know when you do things you don’t need to but feel compelled? No, I’m not talking about OCD (although that’s another story). My anxiety levels have risen since I left my job as a marketing maverick in a law firm for the much more challenging role of stay at home mother. I think it’s the lack of project deadlines or not having to report in that’s done it. Some times I wonder if it’s the onset of the (whisper it reader, whisper it) menopause so I’m popping a bit of the old Black Cohosh each morning just in case.  My GP has snorted in derision at this suggestion – “the average age is 53” – but who needs proper medical advice when you’ve got hoards of complete lunatics offering unsolicited advice on the internet, right?

Anyhoo – Caitlin is having a trial ballet lesson this afternoon and I have just spent approximately an hour this morning scouting out the venue and, more importantly, potential places to park. My preferred approach to parking is “trundle to desired location and stop”. My parallel parking is right up there with my macrame skills – both end up in knots. It’s quite embarrassing to have to admit it because it’s not very, well, feminist is it?

Penelope Pitstop – made driving look easy.  

I find these days I have to micro plan everything which means I’m efficient but as any fan of meaningless management jargon will know, it might not make me very effective. It’s certainly not doing my blood pressure any good. Still, it’s Friday which makes it a “mummy’s special juice” evening and in the meantime I will peruse my wall of self help / stress management tomes to see what random advice I can adopt today and promptly forget all about tomorrow.

Caitlin is so excited about going to ballet. I studied ballet myself until I was 16, having all the grace of a three legged gazelle. I remember the pink tights and ballet slippers, the leotard and my mum cursing as she tried to shove my hair into a bun. I also remember my legs feeling like jelly after an hour’s lesson. Ballet is a strict and exacting discipline – however beautiful it looks. It’s excellent for improving posture and deportment. Something quite a few girls today would benefit from. I actually think ballet is a bit of a vocation – it can certainly be hard work.

We’ll see how Caitlin gets on. I think the most important thing is to give your kids a chance to experience different activities if you can, encourage their progress but not be too disappointed if that activity is not for them. Let’s be honest, I’m sure many parents may be spending a lot on activities their kids don’t really enjoy  – our kids hobbies are not always cheap, are they!

And at least I know where to park. Hope there’s a whacking great space available!

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LaaLaa Monroe

Oh I hope Caitlin enjoys ballet, it was something I wanted to do as a child, as much of a tom boy I was as a child and partly still am. Could imagine the discipline it takes. Aw, I'm quite the same with the micro planning, not sure if it's OCD or just wanting to be acurate and spot-on with things xo

Mellissa Williams

I'm THEE planner. I have to plan everything, and I would probably have done exactly as you Linda 🙂 Hope she enjoys ballet, i have vague recollections of ballet in the community centre lol


I like this Pre-e,ptive parking! what abnout non-premptive parking?

Hayley Reeve

I think anxiety levels rise with age. At the age of 35 I now struggle to visit the local supermarket without suffering some form of blind panic about something. Parking is one of them, our local supermarket is something reminiscent of a stock car derby, truly terrifying sometimes!

Freya George

So here the need of valet parking Gatwick comes in. It reduce the parking stress and helps to live more lively. Nice blog.

Jenna Catlin

interesting! mothers share so much burden, in order be less exhausted while parking they should park decently to avoid any further stress.