Review: Angry Birds Playground Ca-Cool Masks

GIFTED: I have to say Angry Birds is a bit of a mystery to me, although the rest of the family seem to be totally up to speed.  So when I was sent a copy of Angry Birds Playground Ca-Cool Masks to review, Sunday afternoon became a lot more fun.

Angry Birds Playground Ca-Cool Masks
Angry Birds Playground Ca-Cool Masks

The book brings to life, via 8 different 3D masks, not only favourite Angry Birds but also Bad Piggies characters. In addition, you can learn fun facts about them. For example, Bad Piggies don’t always know what’s going on but they are always happy and cheerful. (I think I’d find them highly annoying if I ever met them on that basis).

Each character masks comes with a page of specific instructions to guide you through assembling the mask. Caitlin and Ieuan were a bit too young to do the actual assembling and I’m a complete DIY duffer (although I gave it a go) so it fell to The Husband to assemble whilst I handed him the various pieces.

How to make an Angry Birds Matilda Mask
The Matilda Mask

Caitlin chose the leader of the Angry Birds, Red (no surprise there) and Ieuan chose Chuck, Red’s best friend. Much like Ieuan, Chuck always wants to win and being the fastest, he often ends up in a lot of trouble.

Caitlin & Ieuan in their Angry Birds masks

You can see that the quality of the masks is excellent. Don’t they both look, er, cute?

We had a lot of fun with “Angry Birds Playground Ca-Cool Masks” but younger kids may need a responsible (cough) grown-up to help them to assemble their mask.

This is one of a number of Angry Birds books by Rovio Learning (Rovio Entertainment Ltd) and is available on Amazon.

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