16 October, 2013

Win Made in Chelsea Series 5 DVD [Region 2]

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 A lovely friend gave me this as a present but I’m too late to the party to enjoy it, having managed to miss the first four series.  So, I’m giving this brand new, unopened copy of Made in Chelsea Series 5 to one of my lovely readers.

I’m reliably informed, thanks to Amazon.co.uk that “after the explosive revelations of the Christmas party at the end of series four, tensions are still running high”.  Spencer and Louise are still together. Andy has a thing for Louise and Lucy has a thing for Spencer. And there are new girls on the scene, Olivia, Fran and Phoebe. Plus Ollie has a new girlfriend.

To find out more, just fill in the rafflecopter thingummy and everything could be ‘okay yah’.

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Good luck everyone.

119 responses to “Win Made in Chelsea Series 5 DVD [Region 2]”

  1. maci234 says:

    never actually watched this maybe if I win

  2. Kiya Parker says:


  3. Andy Harris says:


  4. sarah rees says:

    jamie 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ollie – looks better with short hair – but a bit of a drip

    Kathy D

  6. abbyed33 says:

    Spencer, he always manages to shake things up a bit…he winds me right up but cant complain as he winds the others in the series up even more which makes for good viewing

  7. Anonymous says:

    never watched it so this is one for me to get around to doing
    from samantha price

  8. Stephanie C says:


  9. Kat Lucas says:


  10. Angie McDonald says:

    Spencer 🙂

  11. love millie, she comes out with some great one liners

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  13. Rob Griffiths says:


  14. Rob Griffiths says:

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  15. Rob Griffiths says:

    Follow on GFC – Rob Griffiths

  16. Anonymous says:

    Seeing as my name Spencer – got to plump for him
    Spencer Broadley

  17. Jessica Edmunds says:

    Its a hard choice between proudlock and jamie!
    But proudlock is hot!

  18. Delilah Reviewsx says:

    Mine has to be Ollie!

  19. Charlotte Clark says:

    Lucy because she's sassy.

  20. Charlotte Clark says:

    followed on bloglovin as Charlotte Clark

  21. Jenni says:

    Ollie – loves his personalilty!

  22. debwh142 says:

    Followed on bloglovin as debwh142

  23. maria says:

    Jamie Laing cos he's well cute

  24. nataliemay30 says:

    Binky beacause shes beautiful but also classy and sophisticated despite not coming from a hugely rich family

  25. nataliemay30 says:

    natalie goatley

  26. Anonymous says:

    Spencer as he entertains me

  27. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    i love spencer, hes a loveable bad boy

  28. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    yoey davis
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  29. faye huntington says:


  30. Amanda Hart says:

    I dont watch the programme but my son does and he has said that Spencer is the funniest one to watch, he is annoying but funny at the same time!!

  31. Scott Fallon says:

    Never watched it, this is for someone else

  32. Julie Baxter says:


    following on GFC,NB AND BL as julie baxter

  33. angie mummy says:

    maybe Spencer

  34. Kay leigh says:


    kay panayi

  35. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    Spencer as he annoys but intrigues me.

  36. Hannah ONeill says:


    Followed by GFC, Network Blogs, Email and bloglovin

  37. Dani Graves says:

    I really like Lucy, she comes across as a bit cold and harsh and a bit of a bitch but she's a softy really

  38. spencer – for sheer entertainment factor
    gfc – katrinao
    bloglovin – katrinao

  39. maria says:


    Maria Molly Taylor

  40. Sarah says:

    Spencer, makes me laugh so much. Never fails to entertain me

  41. Anonymous says:

    Have never seen the programme. So can't answer that question.

    Rachel Craig

  42. Hannah Gorrie says:

    Lucy, Love her hair

  43. Esme Mccrubb says:


  44. Mandy Cove says:

    I dont actually watch the series, but i have a daughter who is mad for it

  45. Debbie Burfoot says:


  46. Debbie Burfoot says:

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  47. Debbie Burfoot says:

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  48. Gwen Carter says:

    Lucy – hard outside but with soft centre!




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  51. zoe matthewman says:


  52. Tim Marchant-Jones says:


  53. Dean Burfoot says:


  54. Dean Burfoot says:

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  55. Dean Burfoot says:

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  56. teresa1963 says:

    I love Binky, she seems very genuine and I don't know why because he can be a bit of a naughty boy but I love Jamie think its his smile and the fact his heir to all those

  57. Lindy Hamilton says:


  58. Hotrod mum says:

    never seen before

  59. Nicola Holland says:

    Spencer – the cheeky lad!

  60. Kat Glynn says:

    Francis is my favourite 🙂 x

  61. Kristy Brown says:

    Spencer – because he makes me chuckle!

  62. Anonymous says:

    Jamie 'cos we share the same name LOL


  63. im being honest i do not know any of there names i have always wanted to watch it tho i do enjoy towie so im sure made in chelsea is great too

  64. jodie harvey says:

    spener. makes me laugh 🙂

  65. donna jones says:


  66. Emma Lewis says:

    I like Mark-Francis Vandelli. I love his accent and the comments he makes.

  67. Chris Fletcher says:

    Spencer is a funny guy…

  68. Anonymous says:

    Spencer he makes me laugh by Robby Price

  69. Helen Schofield says:


  70. Allan Fullarton says:


  71. Nicola Pope says:

    I'd say Spencer. Although he's often painted as the bad guy, he's actually very funny and he does make me smile. Also, it helps that he's not bad looking! Haha.

  72. Spencer, he makes me laugh 🙂

  73. Bloglovin – webkin – Ellen Stafford

  74. Cat Williams says:

    Spencer because he's easy on the eye

  75. Zoe R says:

    Mark-Francis Vandelli I just find him so fascinating especially since he was on Celebrity Juice when Kieth imitated his laugh was soooo funny

  76. Dani says:

    Mark Francis – his accent is just so damn posh!

  77. Dave Jackson says:

    Francesca 'Cheska' Hull MMMMMMMMMM

  78. Becky Shorting says:


  79. liz ferguson says:


  80. Spencer – Everybody loves a villian!

  81. Laura Wildman says:


  82. Lydia G says:

    He is a funny loveable rogue

  83. Lydia G says:

    Followed on Bloglovin' Lydia (pamperings handmade soap & skincare)

  84. Wendy Guy says:

    Jamie He is so funny

  85. Fran says:

    Spencer – because he is plain trouble!

  86. Leanne McLoughlin says:

    My favourite for the drama has to be Spencer!

  87. Helen Craigs says:


  88. Champaklal Lad says:


  89. following with goggle as Sam R
    following with bloglovin and networked blogs as Samantha Ripley

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