12 October, 2013

I’ve Been A Bit Distracted By …Soap & Glory – 12/10/13

I love Soap & Glory, the packaging, the fragrance, the quirky sense of humour and the very reasonable pricing. This is one of my favourites – a creamy shower gel which contains natural mandarin peel extract and has a built-in body lotion with Soap & Glory‘s Original Pink fragrance.  

Soap & Glory Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel – £6

And you can help the planet by doing the “2 minute rinse”. The average shower uses around 35 litres of water – 70% of our daily recommended water use. Soap & Glory have calculated that it is possible to wash, shampoo, condition and rinse using around 120 seconds of running water, simply by turning the tap on and off at key stages of your washing routine.

Plus they suggest that every second day of the work week become “2-Minute Rinse Tuesday”.

Try it. You’ll be converted.  

Further information: www.soapandglory.com or www.boots.com

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