17 October, 2013

I’ve Been A Bit Distracted By …Sultan Turkish Delight – 17/10/13

Described by Wikipedia less than romantically as a “gel of starch and sugar”, these little Sultan’s Turkish Delight beauties are one of my favourite treats. Ideal portion controlled low fatness that creates a gorgeous gloop in your mouth, sticks your teeth together and creates a blizzard of icing sugar on the carpet.  

Rose & Lemon Turkish Delight
Rose & Lemon Turkish Delight

Apparently Turkish Delight was invented by Bekir Effendi in Constantinople in 1776 and the original recipe contained honey and molasses as well as rosewater, lemon peel and bitter orange.

Dad used to give my sister and I a box of Sultans Turkish Delight every Christmas and Rose & Lemon is our absolute favourite. I’m less than convinced about the mint version.

Sultans Turkish Delight is available at around £2.50 per box from most supermarkets.

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