22 October, 2013

I’ve Been A Bit Distracted By … Baileys – 22/10/13

It’s taken three long years but it’s here. Baileys Chocolat Luxe is a blend of Belgian chocolate, cream and Irish whiskey and is intended to give you the experience of drinking pure melted chocolate.

Baileys Chocolat Luxe – RRP £16.99

We usually treat ourselves to a bottle of Baileys at Christmas and drink it drop by melting drop whilst watching the usual array of repeated programmes offered on nearly every TV channel. It even makes “Smokey & The Bandit II” bearable.

This year, we’ll be trying this one, or rather I’ll be hiding it in the cupboard away from The Husband.

Baileys Chocolat Luxe (15.7% abv) contains, they say, 30g of Belgian chocolate in every 500ml bottle. That’s more chocolate than is left for me in the average box once The Husband has got his mitts on it.

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