Review: Free Nutri Club Healthy Living & Nutrition Introductory Course

When I was pregnant with Caitlin, I managed to put on a spectacular amount of weight – over 4 stone. I went from 10 stone to over 14 stone.  Now I have to confess that most of this was because I saw pregnancy (entirely mistakenly) as an excuse to relax my usually more stringent rules about the amount I ate. Plus, I felt so ghastly in the first three months that only chunks of cheddar cheese saw me through.

“At Nutri Club we don’t promote fad diets. Nutri Club is a diet for life! After all, we are Ireland’s on line, weight loss, nutrition & healthy living solution”.

I managed to lose a little weight before conceiving Ieuan just ten months later but once my babies were safely delivered, I was still carrying a good two stone extra which made me feel bloated, unfit and pretty unglamorous.

By means of a low fat diet I managed to lose the baby weight over the course of about a year but how I wish I had had access to proper nutritional advice. Being a mum leaves you pretty low on energy supplies at the best of times and I have to say that although my diet was low fat (and still is), my food intake was heavy on carbs and too light on fruit and veg. It’s easy to eat low fat and still be quite unhealthy was my experience!

So I was interested to hear about one of Ireland’s best kept secrets, Nutri Club – the brain child of nutritionists Liz Gale and Erika Doolan.  

Liz, a graduate of the College of Naturopathic Medicine, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 15 years ago and then 3 years later was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent 6 months of chemotherapy. These experiences led to her studying nutrition and lifestyle management to find out how she could improve her health. She also specialises in anti-ageing, nutritionally from the inside and also skin health from the outside. Since I am 50 next year, this aspect is of particular interest to me! Erika Doolan is a nutrition practictioner who also began her study of nutrition with the goal of managing her own medical conditions. 

So, what exactly is Nutri Club?  It’s an online nutrition and weight management programme which offers a complete nutrition and healthy living solution to club members. Exclusively web based, by signing up you can access nutritionally balanced meal plans, regular webinars, healthy living information and 24/7 access to expert nutritional information. Members can get together and learn how to reach their target weight using optimal nutrition and fitness training from the comfort of their own home for a very small outlay.

Currently, Nutri Club is offering a FREE Healthy Living & Nutrition Introductory Course, lasting two weeks and featuring Liz’s and Erika’s healthy eating plans. This is a brilliant chance to get to know Nutri Club before committing to a paid subscription.

the two week course, you will receive 8 units with meal plans,
tips and the most up to date natural health information.

Course units include:-

  • Healthy lifestyle tips
  • Healthy meal plan benefits
  • Key tips and motivators for setting goals within a healthy, low GL diet regime
  • Quick & easy to follow low GL recipes
  • Diet and exercise ideas
  • Natural healing news and seasonal tips

Nutri Club say that the course is mainly intended for people who want to take action and change their
lifestyle for good. They believe that anyone can
change their lifestyles by setting realistic and healthy goals. They also offer personal consultations and a monthly membership with tailored
food plans and exercise regimes. 

subscribing to a monthly membership (available from less than €2 per week), you will receive a €10 discount on
personal consultations. Personal consultations are offered to both monthly
members at €40 per consultation and non-member at €50 per consultation. Prices are quoted in Euros as Nutri Club are based in Ireland but sterling prices for membership will be available shortly.  €2 currently translates as £1.70 at today’s exchange rate.

I don’t know about you, but I believe support is a key factor in losing weight and keeping it off. As a mum though, I don’t have time for complicated weight loss regimes or cooking a separate meal from the rest of the family.  I also know it’s my responsibility to ensure my kids learn about the healthiest foods to put in their bodies.

So sign me up Nutri-Club!  I’ll be reporting back.  After all , it’s only 62 days till Christmas!

If you would like to benefit from Nutri Club’s free course, just sign up here.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.


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