14 October, 2013

Review: Sell Your House with Zevizo Properties – The Online Estate Agent

Ah,  selling your house. Potentially one of the most stressful events in modern life. The uncertainty, the expense, the sheer length of time. A quick walk around our village and I can spot at least two properties where the estate agent’s board has changed over the last year. I suspect this is because, after the first flush of a possibly over-optimistic valuation and reassurances that “the market is about to move”, complete stagnation has led to the vendor trying another agent – and off they go again.

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Selling your house the traditional way – old and tired?

I’m sure many people have considered avoiding an estate agent altogether and handling the process themselves. 

Personally, and having worked for a law firm specialising in conveyancing, this would be one step too far for me in terms of potential legal pitfalls. So, when I heard about Zevizo Properties, a national online estate agent, I was keen to find out more.

Zevizo offer exactly the same services as a high street estate agent but, because they are based online, are able to charge significantly lower fees. 

Zevizo’s fees are £349 plus VAT payable up front. Payment can also be made on completion at a charge of 0.5% plus VAT of the property’s sale price. In comparison, the average estate agent charges anywhere between 1% and 4% for exactly the same service. To give you an idea, on an average property of £250,000, you could be saving at least £2,000 – even at 1%.

This can make a big difference to your budget, particularly when there are the extra costs of conveyancing, Stamp Duty and the actual move to consider. I’m sure many people overlook these costs when they are planning the purchase of their dream home, as well as possibly increased council tax and utilities to boot.

Zevizo advertise properties on ALL the major property web sites (Rightmove, Zoopla, Findaproperty etc) and they produce professional photographs and floor plans, regardless of your location.

They will also give you a free, detailed valuation report via their website and provide sale boards for the property. Your property can be live and marketed within 48 hours of initial contact and you can contact Zevizo from 8 am to 8 pm on Monday to Friday and from 10 am till 4 pm on Saturday via their website.

The biggest difference in this service is that you, as the vendor, handle the viewing. No more lurking at the bottom of the back garden or having to pop out to the shops, plus as you show your potential purchasers around you will be able to get a true ‘feel’ of how interested they genuinely are and what you may need to do to make your property more appealing. (You were going to fix that leaking tap, weren’t you?!).  

Handling the viewing helps Zevizo keep the costs of this service low and, after all, nobody knows your house quite like you do.

Zevizo will then handle the sales negotations and, best of all, offer a sales guarantee – “Sell your house in 16 weeks or your money back”. This makes their service a risk free alternative to constantly swopping estate agent boards at the front of your house!

If you are thinking of selling your house, why not give Zevizo a try? The company also handles lettings from just marketing through to full property management, with fees starting at £49.

And, to keep you informed, there is also a blog, updated daily with industry news and help for house sellers and buyers.

Further information at:  www.zevizoproperties.com

*A collaborative post.

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  1. keerthi mmahessh says:

    Most of the people are browsing the internet and purchasing the property on line in near future people use only on line Flats for sale in hitech city

  2. Monika Lucas says:

    Selling a house can be as stressful and as costly for the inexperienced. It is always better to work with professionals to avoid unnecessary costs and to cut the closing time.

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