4 November, 2013

I’ve Been A Bit Distracted By … Fat Face – 04/11/13

Fat Face Softie Stripe Snood – £25

It is absolutely freezing here and so it’s time to unearth the various moldering scarves languishing in the coat cupboard. I won’t manage to find my gloves until around February when the weather turns mild again and will probably end up wearing a tatty pair of men’s thermal gloves from the local garage. 

I am completely at a loss when it comes to wearing a scarf with any degree of aplomb.  I can’t do that folding thing where you loop the scarf and wear it as a double layer around your neck.  And any other scarf makes me feel a bit like Princess Anne.

These lovely soft snoods from Fat Face will do the trick, adding warmth and a bit of laid back insouciance, and this one can be doubled up for a cosy layer.

I think even I could manage that.

Further information:  www.fatface.com

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