Review: The “Save The Blow Dry” Shower Hat

Now I love anything a little retro and have already had two lovely vintage style shower caps which, due to the volume of my hair have long since given up the ghost. This one, the “Save The Blow Dry” claims to be the “moisture eliminating Queen of shower caps” and I think it’s a definite keeper. It offers a 100% guarantee for the best blowdry protection and promises no more frizz or flattened style horrors.

It is designed to avoid the irritation of undoing all your hard work adding oomph to your hair after ages spent with rollers / straighteners/ hairdryer by plonking a shower hat on top of it (comparable only to the horror of “helmet hair” for those of us who can claim to be biker chicks, well, moped chicks in my case).

It is a lovely girlie pink and has an internal layer of super absorbent micro weave towelling covered by an outer layer of PVC. You can wear it with the plastic on the outside to shower or turn it inside out with the towelling layer uppermost if you are colouring your hair. This will allow your colourant to work more effectively and avoid any carpet staining drips.

The “Save The Blow Dry” is big enough to cope with really long thick hair and the elastic is flexible enough to keep the hair inside whilst being comfy to wear. You do have to make sure, though, that after using the cap for a shower that you shake the water off and allow it to dry well. I found that the cap worked well, was comfortable, kept my hair bone dry and made the entire family chortle.

Very me, don’t you think?

The “Save The Blow Dry” cap retails at £14.95 and can be purchased here

The company is also currently in partnership with Khandel Light, a charity working to improve the lives of communities in and around Khandel, in Rajasthan, India. Every “Save The Blow Dry” cap sold via the website directly funds a fortnight’s safe drinking water for a family in this desert region where temperatures can soar to 45 degrees.

Worth thinking about the next time you take a shower.

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