Review: Collyre Bleu Eyelights by Verseo

There are many minor annoyances when you’re a contact lens wearer. And, despite my love-hate relationship with my glasses, I do wear daily disposable contact lenses quite frequently.

One of them is that, like guitar players, you generally need to keep your fingernails varying lengths to avoid jabbing yourself in the eye when you put the lenses in.

Another is that if, like me, you suffer from dry eyes, not only is your lens wearing time curtailed but your eyes also need a bit of extra care sometimes to keep them looking fresh.

Collyre Bleu eyedrops - close up of woman's eyes

I’ve tried quite a few eye drops over the years and also a variety of drops and wetting solutions to make wearing my lenses a little easier so I like to think I was the ideal tester for Collyre Bleu Eyelights by Verseo.

Collyre Bleu eye drops are sold as a packet of 10 sterile, single-doses.

These drops are, I should add, suitable for everybody – an added bonus is you can use them as a contact lens wearer which you can’t with many other brands of eye drops, particularly those which also claim to have an anti-redness action.

Collyre Bleu eye drops - box and vials

Collyre Bleu Eyelights by Verseo

The solution’s ingredients include distilled Cornflower (renowned for its astringent, decongestant and anti-redness properties) and Chamomile water (which has a soothing, calming and refreshing action).

Interestingly, the Collyre Bleu eyedrops also contain Hyaluronic Acid which helps hydrate and lubricate the cornea and conjunctiva of the eye as a result of things like being in a smoky or dusty atmosphere, tiredness, due to too much computer work or irritation from wearing contact lenses.

Collyre Bleu eyedrops - single vials

The eyedrops come as 10 sterile, single doses in individual vials.

The eye drops are easy to use. Detach one vial, unscrew the top and drop 2/3 drops into each eye.

You can then put the top back in (unlike some other refreshing contact drops which then leak in the bottom of your handbag) for use later in the day.

So, how did I find them?

I tried the drops on a day when I was just wearing my glasses, having worn lenses the evening before in a pub.

Since this usually leaves my eyes sensitive, I have to say that I found the drops quite astringent and my eyes smarted slightly on application.

This lasted only seconds and was quickly replaced was a nice comfortable feeling.

My eyes did appear a little less red, but after going to bed much too late throughout the entire school holidays so far, miracles could not really be expected!

My eyes did feel refreshed for at least a couple of hours after use, longer than with the more well-known brands.

At £19.95 for ten vials, Verseo Eyelights certainly isn’t the cheapest option on the market.

Other well-known brands such as Optrex and Eyedew retail around the £5, but only include distilled witch hazel and Naphazoline Hydrochlorine (a vasoconstrictor with a rapid action in reducing swelling when applied to mucous membrane – thus making your eyes look clearer).

It is the inclusion of hyaluronic acid which makes Verseo Eyelights different.

The molecular structure of hyaluronic acid makes it quite elastic so, as I understand it, it spreads itself over the eye and forms a thin surface coating which keeps the eye lubricated for longer.

Another bonus of Verseo Eyelights is that they contain no preservatives – a factor which can also cause irritation.

If you want to try something that, over the longer term, may be better for your eyes than just distilled witch hazel, then I think Verseo Eyelights are worth a try – particularly with the biggest party of the year, New Year’s Eve just a couple of days away and, for many of us, a return to hours sat our PC as we catch up with all those projects which were shelved in the general excitement of Christmas.

I certainly intend to try Collyre Bleu eyedrops whilst wearing my lenses as the vials will fit easily in my purse. You can’t really fit a bottle of saline solution in a clutch bag, can you?

UPDATE 2018: This product now appears to be called Innoxa Blue drops and comes in a single bottle.  You can find them on

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