Renew With A Twist of FTN – Wholefood Nutraceutical Drink

UPDATE:  2019 This product is currently unavailable.

In my usual New Year quest to be fit and hone the bod into a Goddess like state, I like to try everything new and exciting in the Health market but I was particularly intrigued to discover a world first, currently being launched in the UK, FTN drinks from FTN Believe.

FTN wholefood nutraceutical stem cell recovery drink

As our bodies age, they begin to slow down and lose the natural ability to repair and renew cell damage.

FTN is the world’s first wholefood nutraceutical stem cell recovery drink which you take every day.

Makers FTN Believe say it has a potent blend of five key ingredients which have been proven to work with the body’s own natural repair and renewal systems – allowing the body to slow down the ageing process, speed up recovery times from training and also protect against degenerative diseases.

It is completely natural and free of any chemical or stimulants and its unique properties have already been documented in five published independent research papers – all of which are downloadable via the FTN website.

It already has a number of celebrity fans such as Sir Elton John and his partner and model/actress Agnes Deyn.

So what are the five key ingredients?

Green Tea extract which helps to support the health of the digestive and respiratory systems and enhances the proliferation of cells within the skin

Wild blueberry extract which further promotes maintenance of healthy brain, cardiovascular, vision, joint and urinary tract function

Vitamin D which supports adult stem cell renewal and helps these cells become immune cells for naturally fighting infection

Organic blue-green micro-algae which contains protein, essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, beta-carotene and a vast array of micro-nutrients that supercharge the body’s ability to maintain superior overall well-being

Amino Acids which can be thought of as pieces of a complex protein puzzle which build and repair all kinds of tissue in the body.

All delivered in organic fruit juice which gives a refreshingly cleansing taste.

FTN is available in Citrus and Super Berry Flavour and your daily dose is a 60ml shot which comes in a neat little, ‘twist and drink’ bottle.

Varieties of FTN wholefood nutraceutical stem cell recovery drink

My unwilling guinea pig (The Husband) tried the Citrus and I tried the Super Berry and the drink is pleasant tasting with a slightly smoothy-like texture.

It’s certainly a very easy way to take a powerhouse of nutrients without spending hours wrestling with a juicer or a blender.

The bottles would be very handy to carry around in your handbag (or gym bag) and for busy mums, are a good energy booster when you start to flag around 4 pm.

FTN is listed on Amazon, however, as of March 2019, it is currently unavailable.

*PR samples were sent for the purposes of this review.

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