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I remember, in the 1970’s having a facial scrub brush which was a simple battery operated device that would cheerfully exfoliate the skin. 

It got abandoned in due course because a heavy duty scrub, like Apri (an apricot shell scrub) would do the job just as well. 

And, having young, healthy skin didn’t require much more than a light buffing.

Fast forward to today,
just seven weeks short of my 50th birthday and my, how
things have changed.

Two young kids (aged 6 and 4) both born in my
mid forties have created, understandably, a massive shift in my
beauty routine. 

What used to be a regular cleanse, tone, moisturise
routine has now been generally reduced to a quick spruce up with a
facial cleansing wash, removed with a flannel twice a day. 

always been quite careful to avoid the sun so I don’t think
I am too wrinkly but the healthy glow I used to have has vanished in
favour of making sure the kids do their teeth and getting them either
out of the door or into bed on time.

opportunity to test the Clarisonic Aria from came just at the right time.

And it is a seriously sophisticated piece of kit. 

Fully rechargable,
portable and programmable, the Clarisonic cleanses up to 6 times more
effectively than washing your face by hand. 

It has three speeds and
comes with its own drying stand which also becomes a charging unit by
addition of a magnetic USB charger.

love to read beauty blogs but am often deeply suspicious at ‘rave
reviews’; by the time you get to 50, you have used a lot
of products and generally feel that there is little new under the

But, cynic that I am, I have to say I noticed an
immediate improvement in the tone and colour of my skin. 

I haven’t
worn foundation for ages so friends and family are used to my
slightly less than fresh pallor but my hubby remarked (without
prompting) that the Aria had given my skin a healthier tone.

My skin looks better than it has in ages.

brush is very easy to use and has timer settings to guide you. 

hold the brush against your face and move it in gentle circles for 20
second on your forehead, 20 seconds on your nose and chin and 10
seconds on each cheek. 

That’s it. 

One minute! 

In your kit there is
also a sample size of refreshing cleansing gel which has lovely fresh
smell and lathers up with just the smallest amount.

It is recommended
that the brush head (which is detachable) should be changed once
every three months or so.

agreed to test the Clarisonic Aria for a period of 5 weeks after
which the brush would either be returned or purchased at a discounted

This seems to me an entirely sensible approach to testing a
product like this because it is easier to be truly objective when you
are considering investing in your beauty routine.

Aria retails around the £155 mark, however, being a fan of spa
treatments, it was easy to compare against the price of a good facial
which, here in Cardiff is around the £70 mark. 

Frankly, the results
given by the Aria after just a couple of uses are better – and I
just used it once a day, whereas it can be used morning and night.

quickly got used to cleansing with the Aria each morning and would
now be loathe to part with it, such is the difference it has made to
my skin. 

I also think that proper cleansing has made my moisturiser
work better and the discipline of having a routine again, albeit one
that finally fits in with the kids, has made me want to take better
care of my complexion. 

Another knock on effect is that my improved
skin has made me more enthusiastic about using make-up again – a
light BB cream and blusher – because a heavy foundation is simply
not needed.

you have become lost in the mire of new cleansers and the latest high
tech ingredient, my advice would be to try the sonic power of the
Clarisonic Aria because you may find it’s not the cleanser that makes
the difference, it’s the cleansing technique

And, for the price of a couple of salon facials (and far less
than some of the top of the range moisturisers and cleansers), the
Clarisonic Aria is an incredibly cost effective way to get great

*I was given the opportunity to test the Clarisonic Aria on a return free of charge or purchase at a slightly discounted price basis from  All the views expressed herein are my own.  And yes, I will definitely be purchasing it!


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