Disney Princess Colour Magic Brush Rapunzel Review

GIFTED: We were lucky enough to receive a Disney Princess Colour Magic Brush Rapunzel Doll from ToysRus for Caitlin to cast her expert eye over (when she isn’t being a dalmation).

The doll is well made with beautiful silky hair (cue much muttering from mummy along the lines of “well, see now, Rapunzel obviously BRUSHES HER HAIR” since it is a constant battle to keep Caitlin’s locks under control).

And Rapunzel comes with a clever hair brush gizmo which, when full of crushed ice (or, more simply, filled with water and stuck in the freezer compartment of the fridge for half an hour), creates pink and purple colour streaks in the lighter blonde segments of the doll’s hair or leaves star shapes when the end of the brush is used.

I have to stress that, tempting as it is to ignore the multi-lingual instructions unless the water in the brush is ice cold, you won’t get much (or indeed any) colour change in the doll’s hair which could lead you to think that it doesn’t work.

So be prepared to endure thirty minutes or so of “well is the brush ready yet?”

It’s also worth noting that the colour changes may not last that long.

Once the hair reaches room temperature again, it is likely to return to its original hue, however, we found that the pink and purple stripes lasted long enough to garner interest.

The stars on the other hand, although clear in shape, faded very quickly.

Using the brush to create pink and purple streaks in the lighter blonde sections of Rapunzel’s hair.

Blink and you’ll miss ’em – pink stars

Like all toys with a ‘gimmick’, there’s a risk that it’ll be a two-minute wonder but the Rapunzel doll is attractive and well-made enough to outlive the thrill of turning hair pink and purple.

The Disney Princess Colour Magic Brush Rapunzel Doll is now available from Amazon.

Caitlin is already very attached to Rapunzel and hopefully, I’ve found a source of inspiration to make the daily battle of the hairbrush weighted ever so slightly more towards my side.

And I’m making the most of this ‘girlie’ phase because Ieuan currently wants to be one of Despicable Me’s evil purple minions.

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  1. Anonymous
    16 June, 2015 / 5:12 pm

    Nice doll, and novelty factor of hair colouring element :- Likely a toy that the children would enjoy receiving as a gift.

    Rachel Craig

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