Monday Morning Motivation – And Lemsip

It is the start of the school week in the Hobbis household and my Monday morning motivation is severely lacking. I have the kind of head cold that renders you grumpy and out of sorts with the world.

It is the sort of cold that makes you want to retire to your bed with a Mary Berry recipe book,  a milky coffee and a packet of digestives.  My eyes sting, my ears hurt and the constant buzzing of my tinnitus has been amplified to an even higher pitched “wheeeeee”.

Monday morning motivation - mug saying "be the most encouraging person you know"

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

I should have been taking the advice of my many natural health books and making batches of chicken soup, dosing myself with echinacea and drinking honey, lemon and cinnamon but, as usual, whilst I have been mentally flirting with these ideas, the reality is a fresh box of tissues and some Lemsip capsules swigged down with lukewarm tea.

I always think it is baffling that whilst we are even now planning to create cities in space, nobody has managed to eradicate the common cold – although we know that certain vitamins and minerals can help.

Plus now that the kids have settled back into their routine, I’m noticing that, aside from housework, I don’t really have a routine.  Certainly, nothing mentally challenging is looming on the horizon.

The garden is wearing its autumn jacket and there are leaves to be swept. I have a pile of novels to read (I still haven’t got around to reading Hilary Mantel’s Bring Up The Bodies) and more recipe books to peruse than the cookery section of Waterstones.

I could tidy up my wardrobe, although it mainly comprises leggings and the odd frock for going out to dinner with the hubby. Or, I could attack the nightmare that is ‘toy corner’ in our lounge and weed out all the broken and outgrown toys.

Previous attempts to do this though have resulted in Caitlin and Ieuan going through charity bags when my back is turned and replacing anything which could be passed on with cries of “but muuuum we still play with it” – when I know full the toy in question hasn’t seen the light of day for at least three months.

I haven’t even got the energy to start planning for Christmas (well, it is nearly October!) or, my other favourite, Halloween. Every year I revisit Martha Stewart’s Halloween guide and plan six foot witches and cats cut out of balsa wood and painted black (by the hubby obviously), ignoring that fact that we’ve nowhere to put them and since our garden is walled around its entire perimeter, nobody apart from us will see them anyway.

I need something to get me out of this slump.  But what?  What do you use for Monday morning motivation?


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