26 February, 2015

Ideas For A Mother’s Day Mani With Nella Milano

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 15 March this year and already I am thinking carefully about what to get my mum and mother-in-law (the Husband needs some strategic prodding), plus what exciting items to put on my ‘list’ for the kids. 

This generally results in a hot cross bun and a cup of tea in bed prepared by the Husband under instruction from Caitlin and Ieuan, said bun being duly eaten by the pair of them with me having to brush spiky crumbs from the bedding for about 15 minutes afterwards.

Nella Milano

Anyway, over the next couple of weeks I will be bringing you one or two ideas with which to treat your mum and first up are these lovely nail varnishes from new label Nella Milano who I am reliably informed, were the darlings of London Fashion Week Show’s end party.

Independent label Nella Milano offers stunning colour rich nail lacquers that are “effortlessly stylish, elegant and long lasting”, taking inspiration from the Italian fashion capital of Milan. 

The varnishes are long lasting and there is a gorgeous range of colours which should please those of us that like something a little funkier on our nails than light pink.

For the more adventurous mum Nella has bright yellows, zingy oranges and verdant greens in their popular Four Seasons range that retail at £8.95 per bottle.

Nella Milano Four Seasons Collection
The Four Seasons Collection – Evergreen, Lemon Sherbet, Chilli Blaze & Crystal Coral

The Amador collection colours range from girlie pinks to the vibrant ‘Fiery Flamenco’.  

This collection includes soon-to-be classics such as the subtle ‘Pinkiefield’ to the audacious ‘Cheery Bon Bon’, as well as three other bang on trend colours.

Nella Milano Amador Collection
The Amador Collection – Cheery Bon Bon, Sweetie Darling, Pinky Ponk, Pinkiefield and Fiery Flamenco
Nella Milano Cheery Bon Bon
Cheery Bon Bon – £8.95

Nella Milano Pinkiefield
Pinkiefield- £8.95
Nella Milano Fiery Flamenco
Fiery Flamenco – £8.95

If your mum loves her lilacs and purples you won’t go wrong with Nella’s Forget-Me-Not and Tyrian ranges of delicate lilacs and punchy purples and hues of blue. 

I love the head turning deep violet shade of Madame Pompadour and a Royal Affair which is a rich and sumptuous purple.

Nella Milano Madame Pompadour
Madame Pompadour – £8.95
Nella Milano - A Royal Affair
 A Royal Affair – £8.95

I particularly love that each varnish comes with its own back story.  For example:-

“Pinkiefield – Nella loves the gig and the gentle, easy-going pink of her Pinkiefield nail lacquer. 

There is not one man who doesn’t want to dance with Nella and there is not one woman who doesn’t want to borrow her light pink nail varnish”.

“Madame Pompadour” – Nella wants to turn heads with a show-stopping look for a big night out. 

She knew that the deep violet had just the right head-turning, dramatic decadence for a bold appearance worthy of the red carpet!

At £8.95, these beautiful varnishes are reasonably priced and a little piece of London Fashion Week fabulousness.  (I can only assume the kids shredded my invite).

And besides, how can you fail to love a label that names one of its varnishes “Pinky Ponk”.

Nella Milano varnishes are available from nailpolishdirect.co.uk.

*PR samples were received for the purpose of this post.

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