9 February, 2015

PDSA – Take The Big Pet Survey & Win Prizes

The PDSA are carrying out the UK’s largest pet survey in partnership with leading research agency, YouGov.  The survey takes just minutes to complete but it could make an immense difference to the animals we share our daily lives with. The results will be used in the PDSA Animal Welfare Report 2015 and you can download last year’s report here.  The report is full of facts and figures about the nation’s pets’ health and wellbeing.  In it, you’ll find lots of top tips an expert advice on pet care.

Plus if you spare a few minutes to take The Big Pet Survey, by leaving your details you have the opportunity to win prizes worth over £450 including:-

*  £150 of Vetstore.co.uk vouchers
*  6 months’ supply of pet food
*  6 months’ supply of joint supplements
*  SureFlap microchip pet door
*  SureFlap pet feeder 

This year, the PDSA celebrates 98 years of caring for the sick and injured animals of people in need.  They are the UK’s leading veterinary charity.  They provide more than 2.7 million treatments to sick and injured pets each year and they are funded entirely by public support.

Find out more at www.pdsa.org.uk. Twitter @PDSA_HQ, Facebook www.facebook.com/pdsa.

One response to “PDSA – Take The Big Pet Survey & Win Prizes”

  1. Natalie DeRosa says:

    I have 3 dogs 1of then is only mine. I got advice from the PDSA on how to look after them and they are very healthy.I have taught mine a lot of tricks in the training sessions i give her. The training sessions are about 35-45 minutes long. I really enjoy playing Holly,Jess and Chief (these are the dogs names) when I get back from school and on weekends. My favourite part of looking after them is probably playing with them and taking them on long walks. I love all animals and I nearly exploded when Jess Mated and was pregnant to 5 puppies! We kept two of them Holly and Chief we gave the other three to three good friends of ours 1 for each family. I LOVE PDSA AND ANIMALS!!!! Bye from Ellaxx

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