24 February, 2015

Rainy Day Chic

It’s freezing and windy. Yesterday the kids and I got caught in a huge hailstorm which covered the roads with icy hailstones and stung our faces as they bounced off us.  I’m hopeful that the weather will soon improve but I definitely think a full length coat or mac is in order.

Hayden Panettiere in trench coat
Hayden Panettiere

Anne Hathaway in trench coat
Anne Hathaway

The trouble with wearing short jackets, however warm, is that your legs still get soaked.  I’m thinking of investing in one of these beauties, particularly the trench coats which seem to be so popular with the celebs.

Karen Millen Denim Effect Trench
Karen Millen Denim Effect Trench – £299

Boden Rainy Day Mac
Boden Rainy Day Mac – £119

Joules Woman's 100% Waterproof Parka
Joules Woman’s 100% Waterproof Parka, London Bus (Longer Length) – £129 

Barbour Skipper Coat
Barbour Skipper Coat – £329

M&S Limited Edition Collared Neck Belted Mac
M&S Limited Edition Collared Neck Belted Mac – £79

Belstaff Georgina Parka
Belstaff Georgina Parka – £650

LK Biker Zip Mac
LK Biker Zip Mac – £59 – Marisota
Simply Be Joanna Hope Daisy Jacquard Coat
Joanna Hope Daisy Jacquard Coat – £95 – Simply Be 
Topshop Cotton Trench Coat
Cotton Trench Coat – £79 – Topshop

There is so much choice out there.  Which is your favourite? 

2 responses to “Rainy Day Chic”

  1. lyn says:

    Love the Boden Rainy Day Mac. I just wish I could pull off horizontal stripes! So it would have to be the Karen Millen Denin effect for me

  2. Claire Ward says:

    Love the Karen Mullen denim effect one

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