Colours of Wales – Caitlin’s Poem For St. David’s Day 2015

Poetry is one of those things that polarises people.  We love or hate it and, for most of us, it makes a brief appearance in our school years and then vanishes into the mist.  I think that’s a shame because it takes real talent to paint a picture in words that stays with you forever.  A couple of years ago Caitlin was asked to write a poem for St. David’s Day in school and she was crowned school Bard as everyone was so impressed.

poem for St. David's Day - Caitlin holds her bard's dragon trophy aloft

Caitlin proudly holding her Bard’s trophy – a dragon of course.

Here’s what she wrote which, for a 7-year-old, is pretty impressive I think.  As her mum, I might be slightly biased!

Colours of Wales – A Poem For St. David’s Day

The daffodils sway in the breeze.

They grow in a beautiful dainty meadow.

The petals shimmer like the shiny sun.

Dragon breath burns out orange and white sparks.

Dragons live on a fluffy, snowy mountain.

The dragons drive through the sky with their red scaly wings

The crowd cheer as Wales play.

Rugby players sing the National Anthem.

On a beautiful mountain like fluffy clouds

live bouncy, fluffy sheep.

Welsh cakes sizzle in the kitchen.

These are the colours of Wales.

poem for St. David's Day - Caitlin's poem "Colours of Wales"

When I was in school in the 70’s, St. David’s Day always meant a half day holiday.  The morning was given over to the school Eisteddfod and we would have spent weeks preparing poems, stories, learning songs, painting pictures and practising our Welsh.  There was always genuine excitement and a real competitive spirit to see which school house had won for the year – Madog, Llewellyn, Owain and Dafydd.  Hogwarts had nothing on us!

Let’s hope that poetry continues to be part of the school curriculum for many years to come and a poem for St. David’s Day is still as important on Wales’ day of national celebration.  And of course, the making of Welsh cakes!  You can find a great Welsh cakes recipe here.

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  1. Lynn Neal
    5 December, 2018 / 11:26 am

    What a lovely poem, keep up with your writing Caitlin!

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