11 March, 2015

Costa Coffee Gift Cards – A Mother’s Day Gift To Perk Her Up

I make no secret of the fact that I love Costa Coffee.  Their mini shortbread squares and bite size flapjacks are on my secret treat list (I have even been known to share them with the kids).

Costa Coffee Gift Card
Costa Gift Cards – A Fab Mother’s Day Pressie

Our local Costa (Cardiff Bay) is my bolt hole when the Husband returns from continental climes and offers me an hour or so sanctuary from the wall to wall bickering which seems to be a permanent feature at Hobbis Towers at the moment. (I’m referring to the kids here.  The Husband and I don’t have the energy to bicker, save whether Top Gear viewing should take precedence over a Midsomer Murders rerun).

This Mother’s Day, I’ll be treating my mum to a Costa gift card since her Christmas present was her own body weight in Maltesers.  Costa gift cards can be easily bought online at www.costa.co.uk.

Simply complete the form, selecting how much you would like to put on the card (anything from £5 to £75). At the bottom of the screen you’ll be asked to say how many cards you would like and then ‘add to cart’. The card will appear in “Your Basket” at the top of the screen.  Click on it and then checkout. Cards will be dispatched the next working day and will arrive according to your chosen delivery method.

The card can be used in any participating Costa store for coffee, food or merchandise and the recipient is advised to register their card to protect their balance.  Note though that the card must be used within 12 months.  Note also that the card cannot be used in Costa Express outlets or in Northern Ireland. Check before you buy.

Since we are so close to Mother’s Day, you can also send your Costa gift card as an egift. Simply complete the online form, add your message, choose a design for your card and add it to your basket.

The egift is simple to use – either by scanning the email at the counter or taking a paper print out. The minimum which can be loaded on a egift card is £10 and the maximum is £75.  Again, these can only be used in participating stores in England, Scotland and Wales and they must be used within 12 months or the balance will expire.

If you’re a member of the Costa Coffee Club, you can accrue points when you use your giftcard or egift card towards additional Costa treats.

Further information:  www.costa.co.uk,  www.facebook.com/CostaCoffee, Twitter ID @CostaCoffee.

In case you’re exhausted by all that Mother’s Day shopping and need a coffee,  I have a lovely £20 giftcard up for grabs  (sorry, not useable in Northern Ireland).  Just fill in the rafflecopter widget below and good luck!

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135 comments so far.

135 responses to “Costa Coffee Gift Cards – A Mother’s Day Gift To Perk Her Up”

  1. laura banks says:

    the cappacino

  2. Elizabeth Briggs says:

    I love their hot chocolates x

  3. ann clements says:

    I don't drink coffee but love the hot chocolate

  4. Karen Cowley says:


  5. I love a skinny latte extra hot!

  6. lisa says:

    I love their Cappacinos.

  7. michelle B says:

    Their skinny lattes are yummy!

  8. Deborah Gilbert says:

    Skinny Latte

  9. Christine Shelley says:

    The Hot chicolate

  10. Christine Shelley says:

    The Hot chicolate

  11. Jemma Bond says:

    Vanilla latte ! Yum x

  12. Jenifer Lack says:

    I love their ice latte's or peach coolers…even in the winter! 🙂

    Jen xx

  13. Pooky says:

    I love their hot chocolate.

  14. A very large latte with an extra shot and extra wet 😀 x

  15. Claire Blaney says:

    Their Latte's <3

  16. Samantha Lancaster says:

    Caramel Latte x

  17. Gemma Snell says:

    Love a Caramel Latte

  18. Sarah Lee says:

    Skinny Latte

  19. littlemisscomper says:

    I don't drink coffee but my mum survives on the stuff, and I'd love to win the gift card for her. She's a double espresso gal.

  20. Justine Meyer says:

    I like a latte x

  21. Jessica Rose says:

    Caramel Latte! Mmmm

  22. Anonymous says:

    I like an americano with milk


  23. Laura Kilby says:

    Full-fat latte with an extra shot! 🙂

  24. clair downham says:

    Skinny Latte thankyou

  25. Lisa Evans says:

    A strong americano with milk

  26. Rachel Heap says:

    A latte 🙂

  27. J Watts says:

    My favourite would be a latte

  28. Leanne Mckenna says:

    Hazelnut latte yum

  29. Rosie Holloway says:

    gingerbread latte

  30. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    I love Hot chicolate

  31. PAULA BURNSIDE says:

    Mocha Latte

  32. Jadea says:

    I'm a latte girl, but the black forest hot chocolate they do around Christmas time is to die for!

  33. Johan Ellermann says:

    I LOVE the Vanilla Latte they make nom nom nom

  34. Anonymous says:

    I love their hot chocolate


  35. izbiz88 says:

    I'm a complete sucker for a gingerbread latte! Love Costa!

  36. Kirsten says:

    Latte – so yummy

  37. Danielle Luck says:

    Machiato all day long!

  38. jaycee says:

    Chai latte!

  39. traveller172 says:

    All of them, I can drink Costa Coffees all day long
    Julia H

  40. Cappacino with chocolate sprinkles on top with a costa shortbread biccy x

  41. Zoe G says:

    Cappuccinos are my fave

  42. Sandra Lane says:

    I don't often drink coffee but I love their Chai Latte

  43. Sarah Davies says:

    Cappuccino for me.

  44. YOLANDA DAVIS says:

    Latte's are my favourites

  45. I always ask for a skinny latte extra hot

  46. Lance Bellers says:

    Caramel latte

  47. lynn heath says:

    It would have to be a yummy hot chocolate!!!

  48. Tracey Morgan says:

    Skinny Latte

  49. Jo Ulczak says:

    Vanilla latte

  50. Pauline Wilson says:

    I like cappucino best

  51. I usually have a strong americano without milk and about a million sweeteners!

  52. Laura jayne bates says:

    love the hot chocolate

  53. donna jones says:


  54. Kara says:

    Costa hot chocolate is the best

  55. Michelle Banks says:

    i always have a skinny latte x

  56. moonray says:

    I just love their Cappuccino!! (Laura Jeffs)

  57. Lauren Old says:

    I like their mochas, delicious!

  58. Michelle Stokes says:

    Soya Latte x

  59. twinlay06 says:


  60. Vivienne Wilkes says:


  61. Anita Casu says:

    My favourite is the cortado

  62. alex621 says:

    i love the Cappuccino

  63. joanna butler-savage says:

    a massive latte

  64. newcastlenia says:

    I love an Iced Latte!

  65. Claire Hull says:

    Definitely the lattes

  66. fozia Akhtar says:

    Love the hot chocolate

  67. Louise Fairweather says:

    I am happy with a cappucincco

  68. charlieemma says:

    I normally have an Americano but sometimes treat myself to a hot chocolate!

  69. Shelley White says:

    I like cappuccino or macchiato.

  70. Caramel Latte MmM 🙂

  71. katrina walsh says:

    Latte everytime for me 🙂

  72. Angie McDonald says:

    Mango & Passionfruit Fruit Cooler is amazing!

  73. Tracy Hughes says:

    This time of the year, caramel latte, in the winter, Black Forest Hot Chocolate 🙂

  74. Kelly Lawton says:

    Caramel Latte's are delicious!

  75. zombiebex says:

    A plain ole latte does it for me 🙂

  76. Anonymous says:

    Hot chocolate with cream
    Victoria B

  77. Jayne says:

    I love their hot chocolate, thanks for the giveaway.

  78. Saetana says:

    I usually have their lovely hot chocolate but if I'm going to have coffee then it would be a latte ;o) Rafflecopter entries are in my real name NIKKI HAYES

  79. Twiddle Dee says:

    I love their hot chocolates 🙂

  80. Elzbieta Znyk says:

    Vanilla latte

  81. Keshia Esgate says:

    Cappucino for me!! 🙂

  82. Becca staples says:

    I love a Mocha or a hazelnut lattee x

  83. Chrissie Curtis says:

    I am a huge fan of their hot chocolate!

  84. Helen Stratton says:

    Cappucino – but I do love all the special editions that come out for Christmas!

  85. Kerry Lethbridge says:

    I'm a real purist I like americano

  86. Aaron Broad says:

    I like their hot chocolate tastes like peng

  87. Allan Fullarton says:


  88. jen morgan says:

    Skinny Cappuccino

  89. Kate D says:

    A latte

  90. LauraF says:

    Latte with gingerbread syrup

  91. Eloise says:

    I love their hot chocolate

  92. Annmarie Jefferies says:

    I adore their hot chocolate

  93. Jane Willis says:

    Americano, it's the only coffee I drink. Actually what I love most at Costa is their sausage and caramelised red onion toastie!

  94. Maya Russell says:

    My favourite coffee is Americano with milk.

  95. Lucy Carter says:

    Caramel latte

  96. Emma Fox says:

    An Americano

  97. Deb Alexander says:

    First of all many thanks for running such a great competition, I LOVE Costa although I only go there as an extra special treat! My favourite is the Orange Hot Chocolate, I was lucky enough to go about 4/5 weeks ago and I cheekily asked if they still had some orange syrup thinking I would have no chance and they did-also some of the sparkly chocolate topping left from Christmas too!!! Really made my day!!

  98. Tracy Gladman says:


  99. Kim Neville says:

    I like their Hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows 🙂

  100. liz ferguson says:

    mocha xx

  101. Kat Glynn says:

    Vanilla Latte

  102. KateHCasd says:

    Large Americano, extra shot and a dash of cold skimmed milk and if I'm feeling like something sweeter I like a shot of sugar free caramel in it! Thank you for the chance x x

  103. Anonymous says:

    Hot Chocolate.

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  104. Anonymous says:

    Claire D

  105. jessica newman says:

    a caramel latte

  106. Rachel Bustin says:

    I Love their special hot chocolates, the chocolte orange one and their blackforest with cherry syrup.

    Rachel xx


  107. Caroline Howard says:

    Vanilla Latte

  108. ANGELA EDMONDS says:

    Skinny Latte

  109. Joanne Jackson says:


  110. Chloe Bailey says:

    Always a hot chocolate mmmm!

  111. fiona mcbride says:

    skinny latte with soya milk

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