31 March, 2015

Introducing Ieuan

And here’s my little menace number 2, Ieuan, who will be 6 in June.  There are no signs of his Spiderman obsession waning anytime soon.  I’m hoping he grows out of it by the time he’s 30, otherwise I’ll just throw in the towel and buy superhero morph suits for the entire family.

Actually, I always fancied a Wonder Woman costume.  Never sure about the scary American Tan tights though….

6 responses to “Introducing Ieuan”

  1. Danielle Alina says:

    Aww very cute xx

  2. Haha, he's so funny! I laughed at the video and at your comment on him never growing out of his Spiderman obsession.

  3. If my other half is anything to go by, just throw in the towel and buy those morphsuits lol. What a lovely little fella 🙂 x

    • Linda Hobbis says:

      I keep threatening to buy the hubby a Spiderman one so he can surprise Ieuan on his birthday. Not sure he's keen on the idea though!

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