Photos That Make Me Happy

I had Caitlin when I was 43 in 2007 and had, frankly, given up on the idea of motherhood.  She has always been a natural poser. This is in her old bedroom in our first house in Dinas Powys.

Baby Caitlin
Caitlin born 15/11/2007

This was at ‘Barrybados’ in the summer of 2008. We had just completed a ninja nappy change on the grass behind Mathew.

Dad and Caitlin at Barry Island
Daddy and Caitlin at Barry Island

Ieuan, looking like a naughty Christmas imp. He appeared just 20 months after Caitlin when I was the scandalous age of 45!

Ieuan's first Christmas in 2009
Ieuan’s First Christmas in 2009

This was taken in 2010 in the play area at Dyffryn Gardens. Unfortunately Ieuan decided the mulch looked like chocolate and tasted it. It might be a coincidence but we were at home to “Mr Puke” the very next day.

Ieuan at Dyffryn Gardens
The Mulch Monster at Dyffryn Gardens, Vale of Glamorgan

Caitlin was flower girl at our wedding on 25 September 2011. We had a beautiful civil ceremony and reception at the St. David’s Hotel & Spa in Cardiff.

Flower girl Caitlin
Our beautiful flower girl at our wedding in St. David’s Hotel & Spa, Cardiff

Ieuan, looking like Little Lord Fauntleroy.  Those curls!  Actually he was very well behaved during the ceremony and a good friend took him off for a nap once it had finished.

Page boy Ieuan
Our page boy, Ieuan – look at those curls!

The Happy Couple. I had managed to lose my baby weight specially for the wedding.  I managed to put on 4 stone with Caitlin – I couldn’t stop eating cheese!

Linda & Mat, the happy couple
The Happy Couple – 25/09/2011

I loved my dress – a Maggie Sottero with a puddle train. It’s still hanging in my wardrobe. I did think about having it made into an evening dress but the thought of cutting the train off is too upsetting!

My lovely Maggie Sottero wedding dress
My beautiful Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress

I love this photo because it captures Caitlin’s and Ieuan’s mischievousness perfectly.

Naughty Pirates
The Naughtiest Pirates in the Vale of Glamorgan

This is us all sat on the kitchen floor. Caitlin has traces of the obligatory face painting from a party and Ieuan has the purple dummy it took us an age to prise off him. My dad says at this time Ieuan used to remind him of Al Capone because he would never actually take the dummy out, just roll it from side to side whilst speaking as if it were a cigar.

Linda, Caitlin & Ieuan
Camping out on the kitchen floor

Ieuan ‘blending in’ at someone else’s birthday party.  You have to love kids’ self confidence. Both Caitlin and Ieuan are happy, ‘take charge’ types.  Long may it continue.  I wouldn’t want them to become shy and retiring like their mother (stop laughing at the back)!

The Amazing Spiderman
Spiderman arrives at Hamleys, Cardiff

Ah.  The “Potato of Doom”.  If Grayson Perry had produced this, nobody would be laughing I tell you. Suffice it to say Gregg and John would probably refuse to let me put the Masterchef apron on even for the first heat!

Baked Potato Hedgehog
The Potato of Doom

Late parenthood is a brilliant excuse to relive your childhood.  As you can see, Mat hated every minute.  This was last summer in Cardiff Bay, after pizza, ice cream and two nausea inducing rides on the carousel.  I love that carousel.  It’s the only fairground ride you’ll get me on with the exception of junior roller coasters and ghost trains  I LOVE ghost trains.

Mat & Ieuan on the helterskelter, Cardiff Bay
Daddy & Ieuan on the helter skelter at Cardiff Bay, Summer 2014

The Hobbis team.  Nothing makes me happier. I sometimes look back on my days in marketing (over 20 years worth!) and wonder if I dreamed the whole thing. I’m certainly proof that your life can change for the better in the most unexpected and sudden of ways.

The Hobbis Family
The Hobbis Family



  1. Cardiff Mummy Says
    27 March, 2015 / 10:16 pm

    Gorgeous photos. I especially love the pirate one as I have a similar photo of my two eldest. x

  2. 27 March, 2015 / 4:39 pm

    Those photos make me happy too, they're so lively! 🙂

  3. Sarah Clegg
    27 March, 2015 / 10:22 am

    your kids are so cute!! totally adorable love the wedding day pictures that dress is fab!

  4. Danielle Alina
    27 March, 2015 / 10:04 am

    Oh my your sons hair is to die for!! I love red heads!!

    You looked stunning on your wedding day xx

  5. 27 March, 2015 / 9:41 am

    What a lovely post and you look stunning on your wedding, day, very glam.

    Helen – #ukbloggers

  6. Lisa Rees
    26 March, 2015 / 9:42 pm

    Super cute! As mothers are lives are always evolving and changing for the better. Each day is a pleasure to wake up to – especially with faces like those.

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