Review: The Easy Lock Portable Door Lock

Now that summer is on its way, I am sure many people are planning their holidays in far sunnier climes than windy, rainy UK. For young people abroad, in particular, security is a worry for anxious parents left at home, so I was interested to come across a revolutionary new invention, The EasyLock portable door lock.

The Easy Lock portable door lock
A portable security lock is a great addition to your holiday essentials

Introducing The EasyLock Portable Door Lock

The Easy Lock Temporary Door Lock
The portable, temporary security lock, The EasyLock
Contents of Easy Lock Box
The Pink EasyLock with latch plate, stainless steel latch and travel pouch

This lock, the lightest of its kind in the world, will completely secure the majority of inward opening doors (as long as it is an inward opening door with a minimum 2 mm visible gap between the door and frame), anywhere on the globe.

The lock provides extra security especially for women travellers whether in their travel accommodation, away with the family on holiday, or wanting further security in their home.

It is priced at a reasonable £24.95 and has already found favour with celebrities such as Fearne Cotton, Mel B, Abbey Clancey and Davina McCall.

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The lock is as light as plastic, as strong as stainless steel, and can be fitted in seconds.

It is small enough to fit in a pocket, and also the only lock of its kind in the world to allow individuals to open the door slightly, to check a caller’s identity, or to take a letter, whilst maintaining total security.

The EasyLock has a fascinating story behind it.

It was created by a 66-year-old entrepreneur, Bob Fitzjohn who says:  “I wanted to create a solution that would keep travellers 100% safe & sound, no matter where they stayed.

My thinking in creating the lock developed into wanting to provide complete security to all others that may find themselves in a vulnerable position”

So, how did I get on?

The lock is really easy to use.

You just open the door and place the stainless steel latch into the lockplate in the door frame.

Close the door fully.

Easy Lock lockplate in door
Place the lockplate in the door frame
Press latch into the lockplate
Place the stainless steel latch into the lockplate in the door frame and press down until firm

Press down the lock until firm and check that the door is secured.

Opening the door wide enough to receive documents
The door can be opened just wide enough to view ID or receive documents

To receive documents or ID, put slight pressure on the latch plate, pressing towards the door.

Lift the lock and slide back until the door is open, all the while keeping pressure against the door.

To remove the lock, put slight pressure on the latch plate towards the door, lift the lock, slide back to the end of the latch and open the door whilst taking the lock off.

Full instructions are available on the website at

I would suggest a few practices before you travel with the lock so that you are confident with using it.

I can see that the EasyLock would be extremely useful, not only for travelling but for added security in student accommodation and even for the elderly (assuming that they have not already taken the precaution of having a door chain fitted).

The lock I was sent for the purposes of this review is a glorious pink with a matching pink pouch but there is a silver alternative with a blue pouch.

The EasyLock portable door lock is so easy to carry, I will be taking mine to further road test in my hotel the next time I travel.


  1. Tendre Deal
    27 March, 2015 / 11:53 am

    Few years ago, I had a very bad experience in an hotel in Lisbon. If I had discovered this lock before, I would have enjoyed my trip to Lisbon. Need to keep it in mind when I am planning my next trip.

  2. 25 March, 2015 / 10:13 am

    Well it is certainly an interesting concept, much better than a chain lock which ive never liked x

    • Linda Hobbis
      25 March, 2015 / 10:26 am

      It does lock the door surprisingly firmly given its size x

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