14 May, 2015

50 Things That Make Me Happy

I’ve been tagged by Leanne at A Slice of My Life Wales to list 50 things that make me happy and, since she might be a bit cross if I just put 49 Maltesers and a large glass of wine, here’s my list.  I bet quite a few of your little pleasures are on there too…..

1.  The Husband

2.  The Kids

3.  The rest of the strange tribe who comprise my family and friends

4.  Christmas

5.  Red wine (anti-ageing, antioxidants, who needs an excuse?)

6.  Cats

7.  Tarot Cards (I used to ‘dabble’ when I was younger)

A grainy photo of my last cat, Samson, now in cat heaven

8.  The Mind, Body & Spirit Section in Waterstones (if you can’t find me, this is where I’ll be, although I’m not one of those people who will actually sit down, open the book and start reading.  I don’t want my books less than pristine thank you!)

9.  The Underground (still find it exciting, all those tunnels, escalators and the potential danger of all that electricity)

10. Paris – many fond memories of school trips and of a short stint as an au pair when I was 19.

11. Pub grub – can’t beat a pie. Or a pie & chips.

12.  Wuthering Heights – any of the Bronte Sisters’ novels in fact.  All that sexual repression and bad weather.  That’s the definition of being British right there.

13.  Louis Vuitton – the Husband bought me an Alma bag for my 50th birthday and I am still so awed by it, I haven’t got round to using it yet.  I am still in the ‘staring at it with adoration’ phase.

Baby Ieuan in his Christmas Hat

14. Red Lipstick – even though the wrong red makes me look like Vampyra and gives me a mouth like a cat’s bottom. When I find the right red, I’ll let you know.

15. Emeralds – don’t own any just love the green beauty of those stones.

16. Playing the piano after too much wine – this is the time when I actually remember those pieces I knew by heart as a child.  Rousing rendition of “Onward Christian Soldiers” at 1 am anyone?

17. Jools Holland – genius musician and pianist.

18. Jamie Cullum – ditto

19. Pot Noodles – how can you ever tire of crunchy noodles and those sachets you can never open?

20. Rice Pudding.  Ambrosia.  Food of the Gods.  Enough said.

21. Sleep – once you become a parent, sleep becomes the Holy Grail of pleasure seeking.  Arguably, that also applies to sex.

22. Candy Crush & Pyramid Solitaire – yes, yes, it’s sad but the growth of the gaming market is being driven by middle aged women apparently so I am supporting the economy…

23. Woman & Home Magazine – full of women older than me achieving stuff.  I read it and marvel.

24.  Sherlock (with Benedict Cumberbatch)

25.  James Bond (Daniel Craig)

26.  Coffee

27.  Danish Pastries & Hot Cross Buns

28.  My Skoda Roomster – a car that lets you bend down to put a child in a car seat without giving you concussion when you straighten up to shut the door.

29. Fitflops – never off my feet for approximately 5 years now

30. Marilyn Monroe Films

31. Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein 

32. Woody Allen’s “Love & Death”

33. Rain

Caitlin’s Not Too Sure About Fresh Flowers

34. Cushions – the Husband cannot understand why I love cushions and my prize ones are unceremoniously lobbed on to the floor.  I am plotting a suitable revenge.  Hiding all the toilet rolls for example.

35. Anything covered in faux fur. This may be because I miss having a cat.  

36. Blackadder

37  Monty Python

38. The Daily Mail

39.  Peanut Butter

40.  Emmerdale

41.  Diaries – I have been known to start one, get bored and buy another one when I’m in my “let’s all change our lives and adopt another health regime” mood.

42. John Lewis

43. Ghost Trains

44. Pizza

45. Lava Lamps


46.  London Taxis

47.  Fresh flowers

48.  Beautiful gardens 

49.  Pinterest (you could lose days browsing on there)

50.  Halloween

Well, that’s cheered me up.  Hope I’ve got you thinking of the things that make you happy now!

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6 responses to “50 Things That Make Me Happy”

  1. What a brilliant list Linda! I'd say we have a few things in common – I too like Sherlock and Bond (for both Beneditct Cumberbatch and Daniel Craig!), I used to 'dabble' in tarot and I LOVE Louis Vuitton. I own two, one that the Hubby bought in Las Vegas on one of his work trips. 🙂

    Oh yes and if you like Candy Crush you should try out Crack Attack, it's a little different but along the same lines. It's the Hubby's game and is out on iOS, Android and Windows Phone right now. (sorry about the personal plug!) 😉

    • Linda Hobbis says:

      Thanks Morgan. I will be having a look at Crack Attack. Some of the Candy Crush levels are taking me weeks to complete. I know I should be doing something more constructive!

    • Hehe, we all need down time Linda. 😉

      Let me know how you get on with Crack Attack, I know the Hubby would love to hear what you think. xx

  2. Leanne Cornelius says:

    Fab list Linda, I don't know why I didn't think of 49 maltesers and a large glass of wine (or maybe the other way around!), I also can't believe I didn't think to include red lipstick & Christmas!

    Thanks for joining in 🙂

    Leanne – A Slice of My Life Wales

    • Linda Hobbis says:

      Thanks Leanne. Didn't get round to tagging anyone in the post though. Never mind, there'll be another meme along in a minute. They're a bit like buses! x

  3. Kitty Kaos says:

    I love love love this post I may have to try and do this sometime!

    Miss Kitty Kaos (Adventures Of A Riot Grrrl)

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