Self Defence – A Short Film About Using Martial Arts On The Streets

As a parent, one of the prevalent terrors I face is of someone picking on and hurting my children. Whilst we can, of course, teach them good behaviour, empathy and communication skills, there are times when people can’t be reasoned with and when violence may spark up unexpectedly.  

There are numerous benefits in teaching children martial arts.  Some of these include:

  • increased activity – helping them to get fit
  • conflict resolution – teaching them to respond but not react
  • increased focus and stillness
  • increased self confidence and self respect

Students of the Martial Arts learn discipline, listening and team work skills – all vital attributes for success later in life. We are certainly thinking of sending our kids to Tae Kwon Do to learn self defence.

My niece, Emily Jasper, is a Second Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and is also a filmmaker. She is currently in her second year studying Media (film) Production at Staffordshire University.

She aspires to one day work within cinematography, working on television dramas and feature films. At the moment she is learning her craft by creating short films, both written and directed by her and others, where she either shoots or camera assists in.

This is Emily’s film “Street Defence” which is a short documentary about the vital importance of self defence, and the reality of using Martial Arts out on the streets.

The film features interviews with top Martial Arts experts including Zara Phythian, Master Clive Harrison, Master Tony Sewell and Rachael Harrison.

Please take a moment to watch the film by clicking on the video above.

Otherwise, the links you need are:-



Emily also has a Facebook page which is at

Watching it, there is only one conclusion – that learning a Martial Art is an invaluable life skill for all of us, no matter what age.  Even if you don’t need to use these skills to protect yourself, having the ability to protect you and yours is a terrific confidence boost.

There is enough violence in our society as it is.  Learning to handle conflict in a non-violent way can only benefit all of us.


Ex marketing professional turned family lifestyle blogger. I live in Cardiff with hubby Mat, Caitlin (10) and Ieuan (8).

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Kacie Morgan

Great post 🙂 I don't have kids yet, but when I do id be keen to get them involved in martial arts!

my cup of beauty

great post, thanks for sharing this valuable content


Dominika from

Gretta {Mumma Plus Three}

It's so important for everyone but especially young women to know how to defend and protect themselves! Great post! #weekendbloghop Xx