18 May, 2015

Summer Time & The Walking Shoes Are, Um, Flat

OK. Confession time.  I have spent all winter in flat footwear – specifically these Fitflop boots.  My feet have barely seen daylight since last August and it is definitely time to spruce them up in anticipation of much posing in swanky Cardiff bars and intimate dinners for two at some of our restaurant hot spots. (You can read our restaurant reviews here).

My favourite flat footwear - my Fitflop boots

I’ve walked miles in these as you can probably tell

What is more likely, of course, is that I will be visiting our usual haunt of Pizza Express, followed by a spin on the carousel and a bit of a sit down on the comfy seats in the Millennium Centre whilst Ieuan runs amok in the children’s area (Millipwts) and Caitlin coerces me into the gift shop.

It’s a source of constant disappointment to the Husband that I don’t saunter everywhere in high heels since I unwisely told him I wore them all the time in my days as a wage slave in Legal Services. I was going to say “when I worked” but I don’t feel I’ve stopped working since I gave birth. On one occasion I was late for an interview in Bristol and actually ran from Bristol Temple Meads Station to the city centre wearing stilettos.  This is clearly, in the Husband’s mind, the sign of a “real woman”.

Then there’s the matter of the school run. There are mums in our playground bravely wearing heels but they are few and far between.  Other mums wear their running trainers, some wear flipflops and others are welded into their comfy boots.  These days, I can’t bear to compromise between style and comfort – and I need a pair of summer shoes I can actually run after Ieuan in.

Ieuan currently runs everywhere, barely pausing for breath and so the Husband has no choice but to sprint after him, with Caitlin and I bringing up the rear. Caitlin, though, is feeling left out.  “Mum”, she said to me last week in an accusing tone, “you don’t run, do you?”. Then, more alarmingly, “I know, why don’t the two of us go out for a run one morning”.  I’m currently avoiding this by claiming I can’t run “because my glasses may fall off” but I don’t think I’m going to get away with it much longer.

We must be a very odd sight in the mornings resembling some sort of family obstacle race with much lolloping, ambling and flat-out running.  Needless to say, all the other parents and their kids tend to walk sedately together, holding hands and making barely a sound.  Ieuan stands at the traffic lights bellowing “oh come ON lights, the girls are catching up”.

So, I think a good pedicure is in order and then some shopping for sandals.  I’m tempted by the lightweight comfort offered by Skechers Go Walk range.  Not least because I can tell Caitlin they’re only designed for walking and I’m sure she’d approve of the hot pink ones. And if the Husband starts nagging, I’ll tell him he can buy his own heels.  Grayson Perry never seems to have any problem, does he?

Do you live in your ‘old favourite’ shoes or do you like to treat your feet with different pairs? Do you now live in flat footwear too?

12 responses to “Summer Time & The Walking Shoes Are, Um, Flat”

  1. Odd Socks and Lollipops says:

    I live in my walking boots or my patent pink DMs I love boots. I don't wear heels as I like to be comfy

  2. Cardiff Mummy Says says:

    Yep, I have all but given up wearing heels when I'm with my children. I live in my flat boots and Converse. I did some work in an office recently and wore flats on the commute and changed in the loos into my heels. Never thought it would happen to me as I lived in my heels pre-kids x

  3. Caro Davies says:

    I am OBSESSED with FitFlops!! I wear the boots in the winter and the sandals in the summer!! I'm totally in the flat shoe camp… even before the twins I wasn't a massive heel lover. I prefer to be able to make a quick getaway if needs be!! Hobbling in heels is NEVER a good look! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  4. I remember wearing heels round London once and being very late getting back to Paddington for my train home. I literally had 1 minute to get from the taxi drop off to the train. I wouldn't have been able to make it in heels, so I took them off and must have ran the fastest I have ever done. I got onto the train with a second to spare, just as they were about to shut the doors. Still don't know how I managed to make it x

  5. Leanne Cornelius says:

    Love this post! I used pregnancy as an excuse not to wear heels and now I can't bear to part with my beloved Converse!

  6. Michelle Willis says:

    I live in my hush puppies in the winte. I tend not to wear sandals and I never wear heals!

  7. Julie Bardoe says:

    Yep I'm guilty of living in my Uggs during winter and the beginning of the year! My poor feet are in desperate need of a manicure asap before I can venture into flip flops! x

    • Linda Hobbis says:

      Every time I think about buying myself a new pair, the kids feet go up a size so we have to get them new school shoes, trainers, and on….. I swear they can sense it.

  8. Louise Smith says:

    I definitely wouldn't be able to wear those in the summer lol. My feet would stink :p I like flip flops in summer and Nathan always asks how come I can walk so far in them. I literally go for miles and never complain. If I wear trainers or sandals for long periods of time though I end up in agony with zillions of blisters!

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

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