Who I Am? A Few Clues.

It’s always nice to discover a little more about the person behind the blog so today I’m taking the opportunity to introduce myself.

I’m wife to Mat and mum to Caitlin and Ieuan.  I left work as Marketing Director at a Cardiff law firm in 2007 to have my kids. Caitlin was born in 2007 when I was 43 and Ieuan followed in 2009.  Being an ‘older mum’ is something I talk about quite a bit on this blog.

I count myself lucky as I had a good career and then a family (probably just in time).  I’m well aware that this does not happen for everyone.  Staying fit is a bit of an obvious preoccupation so that I can keep up with 2 energetic kids.

Linda Hobbis, Mother Distracted

I say keeping fit, I actually mean googling random illness symptoms and then driving the husband mad by asking if he thinks I’ve got them.

We live just outside Cardiff in Dinas Powys.  Dinas’ main claim to fame is that it has its own castle (now in ruins) and was previously home to Charlotte Church. I’m English (an Essex girl actually) but we moved to Wales when I was 5 so I class myself as ‘adopted Welsh’ now.  It does mean that I get very confused when Wales play England at Rugby.

Caitlin & Ieuan Hobbis
Caitlin & Ieuan

I found becoming a stay at home mum a huge change from being a full time employee and to fill the gap I took up entering competitions (with quite a bit of success) and now I have a new love – blogging.

I have met and talked to so many lovely people.  There is definitely a blogging community and I’ve found lots of bloggers who are very generous with their help, advice and inspiration.

What else can I tell you?  Here’s a few insights into the dark recesses of my muddled maternal mind.

Favourite season: Autumn.

One of the fabulous things about being a parent is that you get the chance to relive your childhood again. I love Halloween and Bonfire Night.  My daughter’s birthday is in November so that’s obviously another party and then there’s the glorious build up to Christmas and New Year. Actually I suspect I enjoy it all more than the kids. It’s a time of year when your senses go into overdrive – the lights, the smells, the sounds of caroling, food and decorations. One of my favourite places to be at this time of year is the beauty hall in Debenhams. Call me shallow but surrounded by the floodlit best that the beauty industry can offer in glorious wrapping paper, I have palpitations calmed only by a jumbo cappuccino and chocolate muffin.

Favourite animal:  Cat
A cat. With the exception of a sloth, no other animal can make inertia look stylish. I’d come home to find my cat Samson sat in an arm chair wearing a smoking jacket and cradling a whisky sour and a large cigar.

Least favourite feature: Feet

I’ve been incredibly blessed;  the older you get, the more you realise this but if if I could change one thing it would be the size of my feet. Size 8. I ask you. That’s not a foot, that’s a tennis racquet.

Obessions:  Many

I love blogging and  I can be ever so slightly obsessional (I have a ‘thing’ about Hercule Poirot, Art Deco and lemon curd – happily not all at the same time). I also eat Hot Cross Buns all year round. Don’t judge me.

Best James Bond:  Daniel Craig, then Roger Moore.

Ant or Dec:  Dec

White or Red Wine:  Red (for it’s anti-ageing properties obviously)

Sweet or Savoury:  Can’t live without cheese and olives.

X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent:  Britain’s Got Talent. I think the X Factor has really had its day

Comedian:  Russell Howard, Eddie Izzard and the marvellous Bill Bailey

Film:  Blazing Saddles, The Young Frankenstein (both Mel Brooks) and Love & Death (Woody Allen)

Book:  Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Music:  Jools Holland, Jamie Cullum, Jack Johnson.  Sadly the husband loves Viking Rock and a musical genre I refer to as “that ruddy din”.

I’m looking forward to learning more about you!



  1. 3 May, 2015 / 7:49 am

    Interesting to read about your motherhood at your age. I had my older daughter at 24 and younger one at 29. They are now 13 and 7. We travelled a lot while they were small which wasn't easy. I can't imagine going through it all again in 5 years time when I reach your age. So admirable! Btw, how fun is this challenge? While talking about travelling we lived in Cardiff when my older daughter was 2 for a couple of years. One of my favourite places!

  2. 1 May, 2015 / 9:49 pm

    "That's not a foot, it's a tennis racquet" – haha… I love that line, sorry. :-)

    Lovely to meet you and welcome to #BEDM – my mother had my two youngest sister in her 40s so she's going through a whole new experience as an older Mum. Your kiddies are gorgeous!

  3. 1 May, 2015 / 12:46 pm

    Lovely to meet you. I love Wuthering Heights too.

  4. Ashleigh Lawrence-Rye
    1 May, 2015 / 1:37 pm

    I'm a Wuthering Heights fan, and a cat fan in fact. Living on the coast though Autumn is a strange time of year for those of us in tourist towns and my excitement kicks in around Easter at the beginning of "the season" when my town comes to life again!

    Popping over as part of Blog Every Day in May!

  5. 1 May, 2015 / 10:30 am

    This looks like a fun thing to take part in, I'm with you about X Factor I think it's had its day too!

    Helen – #ukbloggers

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