6 June, 2015

3 Summer Travel Essentials For Your Handbag & Competition

Here are 3 small, but incredibly useful additions to your summer holiday medicine kit.  They are all ideally sized to throw in your handbag as you rush out of the door after the kids on summer day trips too.

First up is a product to soothe your headache – Arkopharma’s Migrastick .

Arkopharma’s Migrastick

This is an all-natural alternative to conventional painkillers which uses 100% pure and natural essential oils to help relieve pain caused by headaches and migraines. Simply roll over temples, forehead or nape of neck using circular massage movements.

The Migrastick with its roller ball

I was a little sceptical, I admit but it has a refreshing smell and is surprisingly cooling and long-lasting when applied to the temples.  I think it would certainly help soothe a brewing headache when you are miles away from a pharmacy.

A note of warning though,  you cannot use this product is you are pregnant, breast-feeding or if you suffer from epilepsy.  And, it’s not for use on children under the age of 12.

Migrastick is small enough to have on you at all times. It’s also reasonably priced at £6.29 and is available from Boots, Holland & Barrett and selected independent pharmacies and health stores nationwide.

If you suffer from traveller’s tummy or are feeling a bit nauseous from too much sun, try The Ginger People’s new Gin Gins CARAMEL – Tasty ginger and caramel sweets. They contain a massive 30% ginger per sweet.

Working mainly in the digestive tract, ginger helps to boost digestive fluids and neutralize acids, making it an effective alternative to anti-nausea medication, without the possible unpleasant side effects. These are ideal travel sweets to keep in the car’s glove compartment to calm wobbly tummies without having to break out the travel sickness pills.

Gin Gins from The Ginger People

They taste like a zingy, ginger, more chewy version of Werther’s Originals and certainly have a kick to them. The ginger may also help mums to be fighting morning sickness. Gin Gins Caramel costs £1.55 for a 31g box and is available from Holland & Barrett stores nationwide.

Finally there is Zap-It!  I don’t know about you but mosquitoes and midges seem to love biting me in the hot weather. They have a way of putting a real dampener on things when you’re outside, with their dive-bombing and blood-sucking antics. So whether you’re back-packing through South America, camping at a festival, out for a run or just barbecuing in your back garden (guess which one I do the most of!), Zap-It! is a handy gadget in your armory against those big, angry red bites. It can be used as and when required by all the family, but not on babies less than 2 years of age.

Zap-It! will stop the itching and reduce the swelling of the bite (but note: it will not remove toxins or infection).  You simply place the flat end of the gadget on to the bite on your skin, hold the Zap-It! between your first 2 fingers and squeeze the button with your thumb.  Press the button quickly, 5 times or more as soon as possible after being bitten for fast relief.  The Zap-It! will also work through light fabrics.

Each Zap-It! will relieve up to 1,000 bites – enough for many years of bites or itches! It is available in different colours from selected health stores, pharmacies, garden centres, all Asda shops and Superdrug, and retails at £5.95. Zap-It! is also available online from Amazon or www.ecobrands.co.uk.

I have 3 Zap-It’s to give away.  Just complete the rafflecopter widget in the usual way! The giveaway ends at 11:59 on 12th June 2015.  UK entries only.

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77 comments so far.

77 responses to “3 Summer Travel Essentials For Your Handbag & Competition”

  1. Bekaah Rose says:

    I never travel without my Camera! It's a big part of me – always have it with me no matter where I go 🙂 x

  2. wetwipes (a packet of)

  3. If I'm going somewhere special- like I know I can only do about three times a year, then I take my picture out with me. 🙂 I may have to try that headache relief- I always have to take pills for my severe headaches. :/

  4. mummy24 says:

    Lots of baby wipes – notice a common theme – with kids its a must!


  5. Rey Chun says:

    A hair dryer

  6. elaine dale says:

    my keys

  7. Anonymous says:

    pocket tissues

    ~ Anthony G

  8. Charlotte Cooke says:

    hand sanitizer! 🙂 need it everywhere! haha also i forgot to add my twitter is isobelle1234 thanks 🙂

  9. MamaMummyMum says:

    very handy things to have with you, will have to look for those sweets as both myself and my eldest suffer with travel sickness x

  10. Kaci Soderstrom says:

    My clothes

  11. Liz Doody says:

    A bottle of water!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cash, as it is needed for various reasons :- Travel, travel items, refreshments etc, etc.

    Rachel Craig

  13. Iona Cornish says:

    A basic first aid kit

  14. Allan says:

    My prescription sunglasses

  15. twinlay06 says:

    Some tissues for me and a cheap can of extra strength hair spray for the roaches in case some come into apartment, it sets their body

  16. siobhan davis says:

    Suncream 🙂 Got to keep yourself protected x

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hair Straighteners
    Claire D

  18. Kevin Honey says:

    My passport, everything else is optional…

  19. Paula Barker says:


  20. Marsha Richardson says:

    Lip balm (high spf)

  21. claire griffiths says:

    antibacterial alcohol hand gel

  22. John Taggart says:

    Tea bags you can never get a decent cuppa abroad

  23. kasza says:

    Husband 😉 … and baby wipes

  24. laura stewart says:

    the kids 🙂

  25. Emily Carter-Dunn says:

    My mobile phone. EJ Dunn

  26. lynn heath says:

    Baby wipes! I use them for everything!!!

  27. Paul Stanley says:

    Lots of books

  28. Sarah Wyatt says:

    Sweets! Any journey is made better with the addition of sweets!

  29. teresa1963 says:

    baby wipes headache tablets

  30. teresa1963 says:

    baby wipes andcredit card

  31. cheryl kean says:

    mine has to be baby wipes and my phone !!

  32. zoe somerfield says:


  33. Kat Allinson says:

    My inhaler

  34. Nicola Holland says:

    Wet wipes

  35. Anonymous says:

    Baby wipes.

  36. Michelle Wild says:

    Wet wipes.

  37. Gfoster says:

    My specs

  38. donna jones says:

    baby wipes

  39. weir shane says:

    my keys – leanne w

  40. Kim Neville says:

    Travel sick tablets as my kids get travel sick

  41. Chris Fletcher says:

    For me it has to be my camera!

  42. Anonymous says:

    My camera and phone
    Jade H

  43. My sunglasses!There's nothing worse than being out on a sunny day and you are almost blinded by the sun.

  44. maggie glover says:

    My phone

  45. Eloise says:

    mini wet wipes 🙂

  46. Rhian Nelmes says:

    I never travel without my mini emergency bag – it has a first aid kit, hand gel, tissues, painkillers and a £10 note!

  47. painkillers, as I nearly always get a headache when travelling

  48. Jill Fairbank says:

    Paracetamol and baby wipes

  49. Kate says:

    Hand sanitiser and wet wipes

  50. Corinne Peat says:

    My camera, I take pics of everything.

  51. glossy23 says:

    A sick bag, which I collect from flights. At least one of my children gets car sick.

  52. CLAIRE LITTLE says:

    my phone

  53. Sheebasima says:

    Tissues and mints

  54. Paul Pratt says:

    phone ofcourse 😛

  55. Joanne Jarvis says:

    Calpol & baby wipes xx

  56. Kirsty Woods says:

    My family

  57. jade Stacie says:


  58. Heather Tinkler says:

    A hairbrush!

  59. Hubby and Kindle 🙂

  60. Anonymous says:

    my tweezers

  61. Lynn Hughes says:

    My Mosquito Net.

  62. Purmala Shrestha says:

    My Clothes 🙂

  63. Phillip James Davies says:

    Multi Purpose Pocket Tool – (Swiss Army Knife)! 😉

  64. Chantelle Kemp says:

    Baby wipes!

  65. Caroline Signey says:

    First aid kit

  66. I find the Migrasticks are excellent and work really well for me!

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