Dad & Me & Dear Dad – Beautiful Journals For A Father’s Day Gift

It’s rare that I open a package for review and find the contents bring a tear to my eye but these two journals “Dad & Me” and “Dear Dad – from you to me.  A Journal of a Lifetime” did just that.

Dad & Me is an award-winning fun and interactive journal to inspire any father and child to have a great time getting to know each other better. The journal is designed so that they can write, draw and doodle in tandem, then share and learn about each other along the way.

It is a great way to encourage children to enjoy writing and drawing. Inside, each page either side of the book has the same prompt – for example “Being Healthy” and then a space for both dad and child to draw what their idea of being healthy is.  Other prompts include things like “My Spare Time”, “Holidays” and even “Falling In Love”!

This innovative journal will not only create intimate and enjoyable family moments, it will help father and child to share memories, experiences, hopes and fears. The spaces to draw and fun activity prompts make Dad & Me easy to use and ideal for a wide age range.

Dear Dad from you to me is an equally beautifully designed award-winning journal to inspire any father to tell his story, and to reinforce that unique father-child bond. Once completed by dad, the journal can be returned to the child filled with precious memories and dreams – a really lovely keepsake.

Dear Dad contains over 60 carefully designed fun and inspiring prompts and questions which will encourage dad to open up about his life – his childhood, career, life at home, becoming a father and much more. For example, “What did you think when first saw me?” and “Did you have an idol when you were young?  Tell me who and why”. The answers to the questions contained in Dear Dad would be interesting for the whole family I think!

Dear Dad is available in two designs, ‘Sketch’ (seen here) and ‘Tree’. There are also 3 other titles available, Dear Mum, Dear Grandma and Dear Grandad and these can also be personalised at

Dad & Me retails at £14.99 and Dear Dad from you to me is £12.99, both available from  Tel: +44 (0)1225 866225 or email

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