22 June, 2015

Review: DermaEraze Miracle Oil by Lorena Öberg

Update September 2018

The following product no longer seems to be available, although the clinic offering scar reduction treatments via laser is.  The following products may be a suitable replacement.

As you get older your skincare preparations need to be a whole lot gentler.  In fact, I think those of us over 40 have as big a job finding skincare products which truly suit us as teenagers fighting the blight of spots and blemishes (which I still occasionally get!).

For years I have viewed oils with a degree of suspicion.  All those years of removing oil from my face (especially my nose) and now I’m supposed to start putting it back on?

51 and I still get hurty, angry skin

But, I have started experimenting with oil-based products (for example L’Oreal’s Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil and Sanctuary’s Ultimate Cleaning Facial Oil) and my nervousness is definitely starting to abate.

I recently came across DermaEraze Miracle Oil – created by skin repair expert Lorena Öberg – CEO & Founder of ‘Lorena Öberg Skincare’. Clinics in Harley Street & Surrey.

An all-purpose oil that helps heal the skin, it can be used as a moisturiser for dry skin, preventing and treating stretch marks (especially caused during pregnancy), after sun-care, bruises or chapped lips.

It contains a combination of oils including olive, avocado and almond oils which, says Lorena, will help stimulate healing and helps prevent skin imperfections if used daily.

To use DermaEraze Miracle Oil as part of your cleansing routine, after using your usual cleanser, simply apply a couple of dabs or tiny drops to each side of your face, then apply warm water on your hands and very gently massage the oil over your face (including any problem areas) then allow to settle.  The oil has a thin to medium consistency – it is not heavy or gloopy and I found that it is quickly absorbed.

The idea is that the oils will not only act as an essential conditioner for your skin but also provide a layer of protection and I certainly found my skin felt smoother and had benefited from the massaging. The dry patch to the side of my mouth was less flaky, albeit slightly redder from the massaging.

After applying DermaEraze Oil

It is obviously too early days to say how long it will take for DermaEraze Miracle Oil to get rid of my dry flaky patch, but it is certainly a gentler way of treating my skin than harsh exfoliation.  The oil is multi-purpose too. You can also use the oil in the bath and on your hair and the Husband can use it to shave.

Available at: www.lorenaoberg.co.uk/contact/shop/, DermaEraze Miracle Oil retails at £15 for 50ml with larger sizes available and a flat £5 shipping fee within the UK.

You can also connect with Lorena Oberg Skincare on Facebook.

*PR collaboration.

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