Review: Wassen Collagen Drink For Radiant Looking Skin

Having turned 50 last year I have recently been boosting my skincare regime (such as it is these days since I had kids!) with collagen drinks.  Collagen is the main structural protein of the various connective tissues in our bodies and skin and makes up from 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content. This makes it important, not just for glowing skin but the overall health of our bodies.

My 51 year old face!

When we are young, our skin stays plump thanks to collagen which holds the skin together, giving it smoothness and elasticity.  As we age though, collagen production slows and existing collagen can get damaged through sun exposure and bad skin habits.  In other words, we start to wrinkle and sag!

My usual brand of collagen drink, Collagen Gold is expensive – at £35.99 for 10 bottles, although it contains a mix of additional vitamins and minerals, so I was interested to find that Wassen International have launched their own Collagen Drink which contains 5g of Peptan© hydrolysed

Wassen’s version contains 100mg of Vitamin C, 15mg of Vitamin E and 2mg of Manganese which protects your cells from oxidative stress.  It differs from other collagen drinks in that it comes as a powder in an individual sachet which is mixed with 50ml of water to give a pleasant tasting orange drink.

This is a big bonus because I find my usual collagen drink catches the back of my throat and stings slightly so I always have to gulp it quickly.  No such problems with the this version. Wassen advise 1 sachet per day preferably for 8 weeks or longer to see the full benefit but they do not make any grand claims of plumper skin or wrinkle reduction within this time-scale.

The biggest plus of the Wassen Collagen Drink for me is its price point – £19.99 for 10 sachets – a whacking great saving of £16 every 10 days which makes this collagen drink more accessible.  Yes Collagen Gold has a greater mix of vitamins and minerals but nothing which could not be easily supplemented by an over the counter multivitamin.

I will say that, having taken Collagen Gold for a while (some 3 or 4 months) I have seen some improvement in my skin so it will be interesting to see if the Wassen Collagen Drink has a similar effect.  I think taking collagen is one of those things the benefits of which will take at least 3 months to see, despite claims of plumper skin from rival products within 8 weeks.  I am interested in the effect collagen will have on my health as a whole, not just on hopefully reducing my ‘laughter lines’!

Peptan© Collagen, according to Wassen International (who have 35 years of research behind them), supports the following:-

  • younger looking skin
  • moisture levels
  • smoothness
  • prevention of deep wrinkle formation
  • improved suppleness
  • bone density
  • joint health
  • post exercise recovery
  • weight control (as a satiating macronutrient)

As you can see, it potentially has far greater benefits than just a skincare supplement, particularly for those of us who are peri-menopausal (that’s probably you if you’re over 40 by the way).

If you are interested in adding collagen to your skincare and supplement regime, I think Wassen’s Collagen Drink is an ideal starting point.

For more information and to buy, go to where there is currently a 50% off offer or where the product is currently on a 3 for 2 promotion.

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