7 June, 2015

Snack-time Treats With The Fabulous Bakers

The Fabulous Bakers from Oxfordshire have just reformulated their cakes, muffins, flapjacks and bars using natural ingredients with no artificial additives.  So, I duly recruited my crack panel of taste testers (oh alright, the kids) to give them a whirl.

Individually packaged and ideal for popping in lunchboxes and serving up as elevenses treats, we tried the Double Chocolate Mini Muffins, the Fabulous Bars of Berry Good Things and the Fabulous Mango & Pineapple Bars.

The Double Chocolate Mini Muffins have a lovely gooey chocolate ganache centre and like the rest of the range are suitable for vegetarians.  Each muffin contains around 123 calories.  They are, however, very moreish.  The 8 x multipack of mini muffins retails at £1.50.

The Berry Bars and Mango and Pineapple Bars are part of The Fabulous Bakers new range of oaty cereal bars (there is also a Banana Brunch Bar).  There are also popcorn bars in “Raspberry & White Chocolatey” and “Apricot, Almond & White Chocolatey”. Cupcakes and flapjacks complete the completely reformulated range. A 4 pack of the Bars retails at £1.79.  The Fabulous Bakers products are available at Asda, Ocado and, shortly, Sainsburys.

True to their word, The Fabulous Bakers’ products taste natural and not synthetic or overly sugared. We found they made a great change from our usual biscuits.  I’ll also be popping a couple of muffins into Ieuan’s lunchbox for his school trip to Barry Island (or Barrybados as we know it locally).  Is there anything more exciting to a kid than a packed lunch?!

And I like The Fabulous Bakers’ philosophy of #Fabulous World Actions which you can read about at thefabulousbakers.com. For example they support Inner-City Bee Habitats and have a “Reduce, Cycle, Recycle Initiative”.  The box the muffins came in was made of 70% recycled cardboard.

You can learn more about The Fabulous Bakers at facebook.com/fabbakers or on Twitter @fabbakers.

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3 responses to “Snack-time Treats With The Fabulous Bakers”

  1. Abigail Cullen says:

    Love the eye catching packaging, selection and overall price too.

  2. Rosie Dunningham says:

    These look so yum! Mango and pineapple are my favourite fruits, must try these. Rosie x

  3. James Travis says:

    These look delicious

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