23 July, 2015

Review: Ilcsi Grape Stem Cell Gel Mask from Sulis & Thermae

Sulis & Thermae is a new website offering premium beauty and aromatherapy products.

Inspired by Sulis, Roman Goddess of Healing Water and Thermae, luxury Romanic bathing complexes, the emphasis is on global products with therapeutic properties.

They offer a wide range from bathing and skincare to men’s grooming and home fragrance.

There’s even a supplements and a mother & baby section.

It makes a refreshing change to see products which you wouldn’t find on the high street, but which have something different to offer from other beauty website premium brands, many of whom have only celebrity endorsement as their claim to fame.

So, many of their brands are new to me, although I am familiar with Dr Lipp, Czech & Speake, Manuka Doctor, Miller Harris Perfumer and The Scottish Fine Soaps Company.

I was sent a product to try from Ilcsi, a natural skincare brand from Hungary.

This is a heritage brand founded 50 years ago based on recipes from Aunt Ilcsi.

I was sent the Grape Stem Cell Gel Mask which claims to regenerate and rejuvenate skin using powerful antioxidants to eliminate free radicals.

It has a high concentration of grape stem cells to help prevent premature ageing and stimulate cell renewal.

I’m never particularly swayed by lofty claims and, for me, the proof is in the product’s effectiveness.

The mask has quite a high, sweet scent which, I must admit, made me wonder if it would make my slightly sensitive skin sting.

The fragrance reminded me of almonds, rather than grapes, although it is very pleasant.

The texture is best described as ‘gloopy’, but it is not sticky and goes on to leave a faint brown hue.

But, it did not sting in the slightest and dried quickly leaving a tightening and firming sensation.

After leaving the mask on for the suggested 15-20 minutes (during which I had no spa-like tranquillity but much hilarity from the kids), the product washed off easily with warm water.

My skin was left feeling firmer and smoother.

I was impressed by this mask and, unlike some of the beauty products I have reviewed which are destined to be handed on or to languish in the back of the bathroom cabinet, I will be using the Grape Stem Cell Gel Mask again.

I’d guess there’s around 4-6 applications in the pot and Ilcsi suggest the mask is applied weekly.

At £44 it is not inexpensive, but I reckon if I bribe the Husband to take the kids out next time,  it’s a treat I thoroughly deserve.

Have a look a Sulis & Thermae and let me know what you think.  Their Summer Sale is on at the moment – and it’s never a bad idea to have bought a couple of Christmas presents in advance, is it?

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