Glossybox Vive La France – July Edition

This is the last box of my six-month subscription to Glossybox.

For those of you not aware of the concept, Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription box containing 5 hand-picked beauty samples wrapped in a signature pink box.

Some of these samples may actually be full-size products.

This month Glossybox is a collector’s edition inspired by “all things French” and claims to be a “tour de force of our favourite French finds that contain ingredients that really work”.

The box is curated by Jamie Lee Reardin who is France’s “it” artist of the moment who has put pencil to paper for Chanel, Givenchy and Christian Dior and created “Mademoiselle Glossy”, who features both on the box and on the cute little travel pouch which is the centrepiece of this month’s box.

You can find out more about Jamie on Instagram at @JamieLeeReardin.

Frankly, I would have preferred a ‘Madame Glossy’ but clearly, Glossybox is targeting a younger audience who are perhaps more likely to immerse themselves in a wider variety of brands and are less brand loyal than older subscribers.  (Remember the tattoos from last month?!).

Actually, the whole beauty box concept needs a bit of a shake-up I think – where are the boxes targeting the 40+s?

I have written before about the fact that this age group (and higher) is actually where the most disposable income is but, as usual, the beauty industry has not yet worked out what to do with us, nor (with the possible exception of L’Oréal) how to market to us.

I still don’t think Glossybox is using the information it collects from its subscribers to maximum effect.  It’s still a one-size-fits-all box.

But I digress.  Let’s dive into this month’s contents.

There’s an interesting mix of products in this box and, yes, they’re French.

The strange thing about French skincare products is that they often manage to be very effective whilst at the same time being unremittingly dull and unengaging, lost in a sea of meaningless beauty marketing speak.

The value of this box is a little questionable too.

Aside from Glossybox’s own travel pouch (which is valued at £3.99), there is just one full-size product in the box and, you’ve guessed it, it’s a lip balm – Lollipops Balm Délicieuse at £4.15.

There is no way of valuing the sample products which are 25 ml, 15ml and 2 x 3 ml.

That makes this box the worst of the six in terms of value.

The move into its own products is an interesting one but a bit of a shame if this is the route Glossybox is going down.

The whole point of a beauty box subscription is to try other brands and to provide a platform for those brands who would otherwise not reach a wider audience.

You can only imagine how difficult it must be to win a spot on the shelves in Boots or Superdrug.

Although perfectly understandable from a business point of view, there’s something a little cynical about passing off ‘Glossybox’ own products as a bona fide item in a beauty subscription box.

Mademoiselle Glossy Travel Pouch – £3.99

So this is the centrepiece of the box, the travel pouch designed by Jamie Lee Reardin.

This is a zip-lock pouch to keep your beauty essentials safe through security or for use as an everyday make-up bag.

noxidoxi Enhancing Serum Base Sample Size – 25 ml (Full Size £33.46)

This serum is from Bordeaux brand noxidoxi and has a “CRC6 moisturising complex” (see what I mean about jargon!) to hydrate the skin’s surface as well as the deeper layers and includes “a cocktail of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories to protect the skin”.

It is to be worn under moisturiser.

Teoxane Cosmeceuticals Perfect Skin Refiner – Sample Size 15ml (Full Size £70)

This is Perfect Skin Refiner for night from Teoxane Cosmeceuticals.

It has hyaluronic acid “to plump and hydrate skin” and 10% glycolic acid to “help resurface the skin”. You are advised to use it every other night because you might feel a ‘mild tingling’ at first.

You’re also advised to wear a high SPF during the day.

I can confirm you certainly DO feel a tingling (I’d call it stinging) and if you have sensitive skin I’d be tempted to leave this one in the box.

Vichy Ideal Soleil Tinted Velvety BB Cream, 2 x 3ml (Full Size £15.50)

Then we have two 3 ml samples of Vichy’s Ideal Soleil Tinted Velvety BB Cream.

I always find Vichy’s products to be very good quality and this BB cream, although quite dark when applied, blends to a really nice finish with a subtle hint of colour.

I’m not sure I needed Glossybox to introduce me to Vichy which you can pick up in Boots, even though it is a French brand in keeping with this month’s theme.

Surely there are loads of other French brands just waiting to be discovered.

Lollipops Lip Balm Délicieuse – Full Size £4.15

Lastly, we have yet another lip balm.

This is from Paris-based brand Lollipops – Lollipops Lip Balm Délicieuse, which is described as containing antioxidants and vitamin E.  It’s colourless and has a strangely sweet taste.

Am I happy?

I would have preferred less art and more product in this box.

A beauty subscription box should be about the products and not the box – and this is the third ‘collectors’ box I’ve had out of 6.

Let’s not forget that, even though the cost of the box is anywhere from £8.50 to £10, depending on the length of your subscription, the postage is a static £3.25 irrespective of the weight of the box.

Glossybox claims that the minimum value of this box is £52.

I don’t think anyone really considers the value of sample sizes in their box because the whole point of a sample is that it is given away FREE at the point of sale to encourage sales of the full-size product.

So no, I really don’t think this month’s box is worth a fraction of that.

I have enjoyed receiving my Glossybox each month but most of the products are still sitting in them waiting to be used or, more likely given away.

I may subscribe to another beauty box to see if any of them get the balance right between the value of product and the brands they contain.

But for around £14 each month, I may just be better off going to my local high street drugstore.

Glossybox can be contacted at

*This is a completely independent review based on my own Glossybox purchase.


  1. Dahlia Verde
    20 July, 2015 / 11:00 am

    Latestinbeauty is so much better. You can see what you're getting beforehand if you want to.

  2. 16 July, 2015 / 2:22 pm

    I always like the idea of subscription boxes but as you say, the value often feels less in real terms. I think it's the anticipation and excitement of opening that we pay for isn't it?!

  3. Telina A
    16 July, 2015 / 2:23 pm

    You got some lovely products – I really like the sound of the Vichy BB cream. But it's shame that this month's box only contains one full size product x

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