A Quick Lunch At Zizzi Cardiff Bay

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon today so we extracted the Husband from his working quarters (our loft) for a lunch at one of our favourite family eateries, Zizzi Cardiff Bay.

Now, hands up, I did intend to do a more thorough review than this but we were, in all honesty, hungry and anyway, it will be no hardship at all to return to Zizzi’s.

Anyway, this should give you a flavour of the place and because it seems to be a little quieter in the day than neighbouring Pizza Express, it’s well worth having Zizzi’s as what I like to think of as a reserve in your “will put up with your offspring” restaurant arsenal.

Zizzi Cardiff Bay interior signage

Zizzi Cardiff Bay is to be found in Mermaid Quay and is bright and airy with a fabulous view over the Bay.  I love it when the sun sparkles on the sea.  It makes the Bay feel quite continental.

Zizzi Cardiff Bay exterior signage

Zizzi Cardiff Bay restaurant interior

Zizzi Cardiff Bay menu blackboard promoting summer cocktails

With his usual quest to sit somewhere with the most risk to his personal safety, Ieuan decided we’d sit on the high backed, blue pastel chairs but they were surprisingly comfortable and, happily, he didn’t fall off.

The children’s menu came on a printed sheet with colouring and puzzles to keep them occupied.

Ieuan at Zizzi Cardiff Bay

Ieuan and Power Ranger at Zizzi Cardiff Bay

I think the barman may be coveting Ieuan’s Power Ranger.

Caitlin at Zizzi Cardiff Bay

Zizzi Cardiff Bay printed summer specials menu

Mat and Linda Hobbis at Zizzi Cardiff Bay

Zizzi Cardiff Bay kids' menu

 The kids’ menu is £6.75 for three courses and both our two opted for the mini pizza.

Caitlin's drawn upon menu at Zizzi Cardiff Bay

Caitlin’s latest masterpiece.  Ieuan did his customary Incredible Hulk green angry scribble.

The children’s starter, dough sticks, come with carrot and cucumber batons.  Yes.  That really is Ieuan eating carrot.

The Husband chose the bruschetta as his starter and had polished it off before I had a chance to wield the camera!  I can tell you it was light and fresh with sweet baby tomatoes and a generous helping of cheese.

My main course was the Skinny Pizza Pollo Roquito – chicken, roquito chillies, Fior di Latte Mozzarella, sliced asparagus, baby watercress and fresh oregano.  Under 550 calories (still quite high but still…) plus 25p of the cost of the pizza (£10.25) goes to Cancer Research UK.

It came with a lovely fresh side salad with spiralized beetroot and radishes.

One slight oddity about the online menus is that you have to click to bring up the prices and select your local restaurant.  I’m not quite sure why the prices just aren’t displayed next to the dish unless there is considerable regional variation in prices across the country, which I can’t imagine a chain such as this doing.

The Husband chose Strozzapretti Pesto Rosso (£9.95) – spicy piccante chicken, red pesto, creme fraiche and spring onions which were creamy and delicious with just the right amount of ‘bite’.

Caitlin had great fun decorating her mini pizza with her chosen toppings of olives and ham.

 This is where the cunning plan went a bit wrong.  Just as I was about to reach for the dessert menu (and the kids could have chosen ice cream or a Zizzi Bambini Cone), the pair of them vanished out of the door, having spotted the Cardiff Bay Beach with its fairground rides.

This left me to pay the bill whilst the Husband legged it after the miscreants.  We have just invested in a Tastecard which gives 50% off the bill or, here in Zizzi’s 2 for 1 on main courses.  The total bill came to £44.40 which included one large glass of rose wine, a small beer, a glass of milk and a diet coke.

Now you see them,  now they’ve legged it to the fair.

Oh well, never mind.  I will just have to go back to check out the desserts.  All in the name of research of course.

Further information: Zizzi’s in Cardiff Bay is based in Unit 8, Mermaid Quay, CF10 5BZ.  Tel: 02920 462232. You can tweet Zizzi @WeAreZizzi and they are on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wearezizzi.

This is a completely independent review.  You can find more of our restaurant reviews here.

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  1. Louise Fairweather
    23 August, 2015 / 7:47 pm

    Oh I do like Zizzi must go again soon

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