29 September, 2015

8 Ways To Look Younger Right Now

Do you gaze into the mirror, longing for your old youthful appearance to return? So many people hate getting older, and wish they could make themselves look younger right now.

Luckily for you, there are ways you can do just that! It might take some commitment and practice, but anybody can turn back the clock with these tips:

1. Get More Sleep 

Perhaps you’re not getting enough sleep, and this is affecting your looks. Make sure you’re getting as much sleep as you need every night, and that it’s quality. You should feel well rested after 8 hours of quality sleep. Any more and you might be doing just as much damage as having too little.

2. Eat Better 

You could probably stand to overhaul your diet and make it a little better for you. See if there are ways you can replace your favourite foods with healthier versions, and try to make your meals vegetable based. The better you eat, the younger you’ll look. We’re made from what we eat!

3. Exercise 

Exercise might make you sweaty and questionable looking for a while, but, in the long run, it has a great effect on the body and skin. This means that we usually look much younger than we are, and feel amazing to boot! Find ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and make sure you enjoy it.

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4. Invest in Your Skin 

There’s nothing wrong with splashing out a little when it comes to your skin. This might mean treating yourself to a luxury product, or even going for a luxury silhouette face lift. There are lots of treatments you can look into to make your skin look more youthful.

5. De-stress 

Stress can make us gain/lose weight, make our hair fall out, stop our periods, and make us look older. It’s no good for anybody! Many of us lead very stressful lives these days, so we need to make sure we’re de-stressing. Take some time to breathe and a nice bath. Go for a walk. Do things you enjoy and try not to worry about things out of your control!

6. Apply a Mask 

Apply a mask every so often, perhaps once a week to brighten up your skin. There are lots of masks out there for maturing skin, so you’re bound to find something you like.

7. Drink Lots of Water 

Water is beneficial in multiple ways. It flushes toxins, helps to shed fat, and, of course, clears the skin. Try drinking more for a few days and notice how much better you look and feel. Soon enough you’ll be in a routine and won’t even need to think about it!

8. Practice Your Makeup

Clever makeup techniques can help us to look younger too. Using suitable products and tools is a great help, but make sure you watch Youtube for guidance too.

Try these 8 techniques and you should look younger in a flash. Not only that, you’ll feel great about yourself too! Leave your thoughts below. See you again soon!

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