Review: Get An Autumn Glow With PartyLite Candles

GIFTED: As you know I love autumn, not least because it’s a brilliant time to annoy the Husband with the threat of new cushions, throws and scented candles.  There is nothing like candles for adding atmosphere and a warm comforting glow and I’ve discovered some beauties from Partylite Candles.

Two lovely mini glass jar candles from the Just Desserts range – £15.95

Any meal becomes more romantic by candlelight and of course, it is well known that candlelight is flattering to your skin. (Or at least you can’t see wrinkles in the dark).

Candles are part of our winter meal times too – the kids love watching the flickering flames and usually argue over who gets to blow them out.  Of course, we make sure the matches are well hidden.

We also keep a selection of scented candles to mask cooking smells and to just freshen up a room and Caitlin loves to choose her favourite fragrance.

But all scented candles are not made the same and you can end up spending a small fortune on a candle that doesn’t scent the room and, most annoyingly, has a wick that burns out long before you get anywhere near the end of the candle.

I was recently gifted a selection of lovely scented candles from PartyLite to try and I have to say that both Caitlin and I are impressed.

In case you have not heard of them PartyLite sells an extensive selection of candles, home fragrances and accessories and has over 68,000 PartyLite consultants in 18 countries around the world.

The company was begun in Cape Cod in the early 1900s by a school teacher, Mabel Baker who began crafting candles from the wild bayberries that grew around her.

At first, she gave them as gifts to friends and family but soon her entrepreneurial spirit took over and she was one of the early female entrepreneurs!  PartyLite aims to remain true to Mabel’s key values of honesty, integrity, fairness and quality.

Our PartyLite Candles arrived well packed with no damage to the delicate glass inside.  We received two mini scented jar candles from the Just Desserts range, “Nutcracker Sweet” and “Sugarplum Fairies” (£15.95), highly appropriate since Caitlin is dancing in The Nutcracker ballet at Christmas.

The candles in the glass jars are guarded by cute pink and purple soldiers. “Nutcracker Sweet” has notes of cinnamon, mulled spices, nutmeg and vanilla.  “Sugarplum Fairies” is a blend of plums, berries and pomegranates.

Forbidden Fantasy Scented Mini Candle Trio – £27.50

We were also sent a Forbidden Fantasy Scented Mini Candle trio in “Blush”, “Kiss” and “Flirt” (£27.50).  The scents are gorgeous and I will be smuggling one of these into my suitcase for our half-term excursion to the wilds of Tetbury.

Blush has notes of white grapefruit and violet, Flirt is a blend of white florals with rich fruits and musk and Kiss combines fresh notes and light florals with the warmth of amber and sandalwood. The fragrances are strong enough so as not to be overpowering or sickly sweet.

Lastly, we were sent the very pretty Warm Hearts Tealight Holder – £13.95, made of glass with an antiqued silver finish which looks lovely on a mantelpiece or bedside table.

Warm Hearts Tealight Holder – £13.95

PartyLite has an extensive range of candles and home fragrance products and some gorgeous items for Halloween and Christmas.  I find our American cousins approach both these celebrations with a good deal more gusto than we do here in the UK.  If you love Martha Stewart, then you’re going to love PartyLite.

They offer over 50 exclusive fragrances, in different categories such as Herbal & Woody, Edible & Spicy or Floral so you are bound to find one that appeals, plus some great ideas for making your Christmas table a stand-out event this year.  (We spent ages trying to find a gold runner for the table last year, much to the Husbands chagrin and don’t get him started on ‘decorative stags’).

If you would like to order candles, why not host a home party where there are discounts and incentives for the host or hostess (and you can also become a consultant).

Further information about PartyLite is available at


  1. Cardiff Mummy Says
    9 September, 2015 / 9:53 pm

    Oooh, how have I never heard of PartyLite? I am a huge candle fan too. It's something of a joke among my friends because I have so many and love burning them. These sound gorgeous. I love the sound of the Nutcracker Sweet and Sugarplum fairies. x

  2. Leanne Cornelius
    9 September, 2015 / 9:04 pm

    I have a few friends who are PartyLite consultants at the moment but I still haven't tried anything from them. I was tempted to have a party here but with Aria going to bed early I don't really want people round in the evening which is a shame as they sound great!

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