Review: Wingz – A Clever Cover-Up For Arms

I recently discovered a brilliant way to add a bit of versatility to your wardrobe whilst covering your arms – Wingz.

Neither bra, lingerie, top or outerwear, Wingz are a one-piece pair of sleeves you add to your outfit by pulling them over your head so that the band sits just underneath your bra.  You then simply put your dress or top on in the usual way.

I’m sure many of us find hiding any upper arm wobbly bits more flattering and, now that the temperatures are dropping, Wingz is a great way to wear with some of your favourite summer outfits to create ‘transitional’ looks.

It’s easy to work out your size.  Just measure under your bust and use Wingz’ size guide.  Wingz fit from a UK size 6 to 28.

They are also a great addition to your suitcase when you are travelling to countries where local custom requires you to cover your upper arms, for example in India or Turkey.

There are a number of styles and colours to choose from, some classic and some more glam depending on the look you want to create.

I was sent a pair of the black, full length fitted stretch Wingz and a pair of black chiffon flare Wingz to try.


Black Full Length Wingz & New Look Dress

These are the black full length fitted Wingz worn under a New Look sleeveless dress.

And these are the black chiffon flare Wingz worn under a jumpsuit from Wallis.

Black Chiffon Flare Wingz, Wallis Jumpsuit & Bertie Shoes

Wingz are really easy and comfortable to wear and really add a bit of versatility to your existing wardrobe.  It’s not obvious that they are not part of the outfit, either. They are also very reasonably priced, most of them being under £20 a pair.

That’s a small price to pay for an easy wardrobe upgrade and a great way to get loads more mileage from your clothes.  Shopping your closet is always going to be cheaper than investing in yet more outfits and is miles better for the environment too.

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